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Oh my, are you two in a secret relationship? How scandalous, are you using protection?

—Yume Atenbo, Vol 13 Chapter 131 Page 6

Yume Atenbo

Yume Atenbo

Yume Anime

Japanese 阿天防 ゆめ
Rōmaji Atenbo Yume
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Occult Research Club (President)
Year Level Senior
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 39
Anime Episode 08

Yume Atenbo (阿天坊 ゆめあてんぼう ゆめ, Atenbo Yume) is a supporting character in the series. She is the president of the Occult Research Club.


Yume has long black hair and normally keeps her eyes closed. She normally wears the standard Shuchi'in Academy High School girls' uniform, along with a sweater in colder months.


Yume is described as someone that loves to tease couples. Most of her predictions are excuses for sexual harassment.


She took part in a fortune-telling stand during the Devoted Hearts Festival.


  • Her grandfather is a high ranking Shinto priest.[1]
  • Her name and outfit during the Culture Festival are a reference to Yume Furusuna from ib: Instant Bullet.


  1. Chapter 39


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