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i really like iino and ishigami ship so i might do something about that here. also i dont think anyone will find this easily and i just really love them.

lets start with something simple then i can expand this to be more organised.

similarities between them:-

  • received mental damage due to negative treatment during middle school
    • insecure
    • very limited friends number
  • helps each other secretly
  • very not open about their help to each other
  • rope (?)
  • their introduction chapter does not make it seem like they are to stay in the manga
    • got namedropped first
  • imaginative;genre savvy
    • romantic (?)
    • shoujo
  • for a pure ship their thoughts sure are not
  • mutual hatred
  • got interested and background checked by kaguya
  • confront kaguya about her feelings for miyuki


  • fujiwara-looks up to and looks down to
  • rulebreaker and disciplined
  • vocal and silent about their justice
  • very first impression to miyuki-savior and lazy
  • kaguya first impression-good girl and insect
  • unconsciously demean and compliment
  • wont and will run for president


  • cover for volume 7 and 9
    • orange and black background
    • hearts inside and outside eye
    • left and right
    • clipboard and headphone
    • red and purple text
  • feather and bird
  • goldfish and fishes
  • romance and action
  • depressed and insecure
  • socially unacceptable chaotic music preference
  • flowers
  • "ew","what do you mean 'ew'?"
  • "thats what i hate about you"," a pain about the little things"
  • the principal
  • fujiwara-stand up to and looks up to
  • pretty sure they are in denial
  • destroying any obvious flag event to each other

tesuto ;-;



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