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This is what happens when you turn your back on the Shinomiya Family. You would be wise to remember this.

—Un'yo to Yakumo Amano, Chapter 182 (Page 3)

Un'yo Shinomiya
Japanese 四宮 雲鷹
Rōmaji Shinomiya Un'yo
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relationships Gan'an Shinomiya (Father)
Oko Shinomiya (Older Half-Brother)
Seiryū Shinomiya (Older Half-Brother)
Kaguya Shinomiya (Younger Half-Sister)
Maki Shijo (2nd Cousin Twice Removed)
Mikado Shijo (2nd Cousin Twice Removed)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 162 (Cameo)
Chapter 181 (Full appearance)

Un'yo Shinomiya (四宮 雲鷹しのみや うんよう, Shinomiya Un'yo) is a supporting character in the series. He is the third half-brother of Kaguya Shinomiya.


Un'yo is a slim man with shoulder-length black hair and cold eyes. So far, he has only been seen in a business suit.


Un'yo and Kaguya (Ice) have distinctly similar personality traits. Like his sister's Superego, Un'yo takes the Shinomiya family's discipline to heart. He is cold, conniving and cunning. Un'yo is also extremely blunt and tends to trample on others - a flaw which he himself seems to be aware of.

Like his sister, and perhaps to a greater extend, Un'yo despises traitors and backstabbers.

Un'yo uses intimidation tactics to compensate for his lack of power in the Shinomiya zaibatsu.


Un'yo was born to Gan'an's second wife, so his position in the family was weak from the start. Nao Hayasaka was appointed as his personal valet by his elder brother Oko, something that is mirrored years later with Kaguya and Ai.

While growing, young Kaguya was guided into high society by him.

During the school trip, Un'yo ordered his servants to hunt down Ai Hayasaka and force her to share her information by any means necessary. Later, Hayasaka and Miyuki are encountered by him and his servants.

Un'yo sets up a scenario where Kaguya learns the truth about Oko's machinations and Ai's part in them, which would lead her to breaking her bond with her valet. That plan however gets thwarted by Kaguya's maturity as she shows compassion and understanding towards Ai. Un'yo concedes and leaves them alone. He has a brief encounter with Nao.


  • The name Un'yo means "cloud" (雲) (un) and "hawk, falcon" (鷹) (yo).
  • Un'yo's surname Shinomiya means "four" (四) (shi) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).


  • Un'yo is the first of Kaguya Shinomiya's brothers and the second of Kaguya's blood-relatives to make his appearance in the series.
  • Un'yo cannot stand bugs.[1]
  • According to Chika Fujiwara, he is the only brother who actually loves Kaguya as family.


  1. Chapter 184, Page 15


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