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Rōmaji Tsubasa
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday August 25
Grade Junior (2-B)
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unnamed Parents

Unnamed Little Sister

Japanese Taku Yashiro
Media Debut
Anime Episode 02
Manga Chapter 06
He's always got that stupid grin, and he just does whatever Kashiwagi-senpai tells him to. He's got no independence.

Yu Ishigami, Chapter 109 Page 7

Tsubasa (翼, Tsubasa) is a supporting character in the series. He is a student in Shuchi'in highschool and always asks Miyuki Shirogane for advice about love.

Appearance Edit

In his debut appearance he has a straight black hair and in essence looks bland.

After the summer break, he changed his hairstyle and dyed his hair grey. He also wear ear piercings to look like a bad boy stereotype.

Personality Edit

Tsubasa is a nice and easygoing guy. He never gets angry despite being badmouthed. and is a really kind person. This personality of his is what made Maki Shijo fall for him. As the story progresses, he shows his ”unrestrained” side, going as far as to make out with Nagisa in public. (Even in front of the student council)

History Edit

Tsubasa debuts as a classmate who asks for love advice from Miyuki Shirogane at the student council room. In his first appearance, he asks on how to confess and ask Nagisa Kashiwagi out. His next love advice is about him wanting to hold his girlfriend's hand. After the summer break he meets with Miyuki to brag about his relationship. Next he asks to help figure out Nagisa's reason to be angry. In his 6 month relationship anniversary, he asks for help from Maki to get a gift for Nagisa.

Trivia Edit

  • He has palmar hyperhidrosis.
  • He is the son of a hospital director.
  • His name was only revealed on Chapter 109 when Maki mentioned it. Prior to that he was only referred to as "Kashiwagi's Boyfriend"

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