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It's a waste not to try something that seems fun.

—Tsubame Koyasu, Vol. 12. Chapter 116, Page 12

Tsubame Koyasu
Japanese 子安 つばめ
Rōmaji Koyasu Tsubame
Age 19 (As of Chapter 215)
Gender Female
Birthday April 4 (Aries)[1]
Hair Color Pink To Purple

Brown (live action)

Eye Color Light Pink
Blood Type A
Hobbies Gymnastics
Residence Konan, Minato Ward[2]
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Cheer Club Vice Captain (formerly)

Culture Festival Committee Chairman (formerly)

Year Level Senior (3-A) (formerly)

Graduate (current)

Relationships Unnamed parents[1]

Unnamed brother[3]
Unnamed sister-in-law[3]

Japanese VA Haruka Fukuhara
English VA Tia Ballard
Actor Haruka Fukuhara
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 82
Anime Episode 17 (cameo)

Episode 21 (actual)
Episode 23 (Full appearance)

Tsubame Koyasu (子安こやす つばめ Koyasu Tsubame) is a supporting character in the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai series. She is a graduate of Shuchi'in Academy and one of The Impossible Girls. She was the vice captain of the Cheer Club and the former chairman of the Culture Festival Committee.


Tsubame's name is derived from the Swallow's Cowry (燕の子安貝, Tsubame no Koyasugai), the object from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter that Isonokami no Maro (Yu Ishigami's counterpart) had been tasked with collecting.


Tsubame is considered as "one of the prettiest girls in the school" (by Yu Ishigami and Erika Kose) and "the madonna of the third-years" (by Kaguya Shinomiya) with pink hair that has bangs parted 7:3 to the right side of her head where the back portion is tied up to the back side with a black ribbon with hints of purple at the tips of her hair, light pink eyes and a fairly large chest.

She is often dressed in a Shuchi'in Academy school uniform or gym clothes and she always wear circle-shaped dangling earrings matching on both ears..


Tsubame is a kind, caring, and cheerful individual who sympathizes a lot with other people, even shedding tears when she saw Yu Ishigami's downcast reaction after losing at the relay race. She always acts in the best interests of people and dislikes hurting them, especially if she feels they are genuine.[4] Because of these characteristics and her undeniable beauty, she is very popular among the seniors and Cheer Club members especially the guys, who often hit on her or ask her out.

She is considered a popular girl and has lots of friends and acquaintances in different year levels and is updated with the latest trends making her always in the circle on new things.

She has her own unique slang called 'Tsubamese', which surfaces when she is excited. In this, she talks in concepts rather than words. Rei Onodera stated that the trick to understand it is to feel instead of think.[5]

She likes doing physical activities, such as gymnastics, which is the reason why she ended up in the Cheer Club. She was also appointed as chairman of the Culture Festival and was in charge of Shuchi'in Academy's PR team tasked to set up various activities in the festival. 

Tsubame often has trouble making hard decisions for herself and will seek out advice from others. In particularly stressful situations, she goes shopping to let off steam. 


Tsubame is a graduate of Shuchi'in Academy who served as the Cheer Club Vice-Captain and she is the daughter of a world-class bartender and a regional manager of a multinational food company.[5] Prior to the assembly of the Cheer Club for the upcoming Sports Festival, she had a nasty break-up with her ex-boyfriend when it turned out that he was cheating on her.

She helped Yu Ishigami when he joined the Cheer Club to get accustomed to teamwork and other people. Her kindness led Yu to slowly develop an attraction to her. In the Culture Festival, during her break, Yu invited her to try his class' horror house which she excitedly accepted.[6] After that, the two came across Tsubame's class and decided to check it out. A target practice booth was in place and had a huge, heart-shaped cookie as one of the prizes. Yu suddenly won in the booth and chose the cookie as his prize. He then gave it to Tsubame who was flustered by the action of the seemingly oblivious Yu (who didn't understand the implication of giving someone a heart-shaped gift in a culture festival). An embarrassed Tsubame ran out of the room with the cookie in hand, saying she'd think it over.[7]


  • Her first name, Tsubame, means swallow(the bird).
  • Tsubame's surname Koyasu means "child" (子) (ko) and "peace, quiet" (安) (yasu).


  • Almost every member of the Cheer Club has a crush on Tsubame.
  • Tsubame cries easily, as noted by her teammates.[8]
  • Tsubame is currently the only character to be portrayed by the same person in two different adaptations.



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