It's a waste not to try something that seems fun.

—Tsubame Koyasu, Vol 12. Chapter 116, Page 12

Tsubame Koyasu


Kanji 子安 つばめ
Rōmaji Koyasu Tsubame
Gender Female
Age 18
Birthday April 4
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Blonde with purple tip
Grade Senior (3-A)
Occupation Cheer Team (Vice-Captain)
Culture Festival Committee Chairman (formerly)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unnamed Parents[1]

Unnamed Brother[2]
Unnamed Sister-in-law[3]

Media Debut
Manga Chapter 82

Tsubame Koyasu (子安(こやす) つばめ, Koyasu Tsubame) is a supporting character in the series. She is a third year student and one of The Impossible Girls.


Tsubame's name is derived from the Swallow's Cowry (燕の子安貝, Tsubame no Koyasugai), the object from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter that Isonokami no Maro (Ishigami's counterpart) had been tasked with collecting.


Tsubame is a cute teenage girl with blonde hair that has bangs parted 7:3 to the right side of her head with the back portion tied up the back side with a ribbon, purple tips at the end of her hair, pink eyes and large breasts. She is often seen wearing school uniform or gym clothes.

Yu Ishigami and Erika Kose considered Tsubame as one of the prettiest girls in the school.


Tsubame is a kind, caring and cheerful individual who sympathizes a lot with other people, which led to her shedding tears when she saw Yu Ishigami's downcast reaction at his loss at the relay race. She is also a very outgoing sociable and friendly person where she likes doing physical activities such as gymnastics and it's also the reason she's in the cheer team and was in charge of Shuchi'in Academy's PR team to set up activities in the festival.

She is also a very popular girl in her year and the cheer club and often get hit on by guys because she's attractive, she also up to date with the latest trends and so she's always in the circle on new things.


Tsubame is a Third-year student and one of the members of the Cheer team that helped Yu Ishigami get accustomed to teamwork and other people. Her kindness led to Yu being one of the many to have a crush on her and so far only Yu has "confessed" to her properly and made some progress.


  • The name Tsubame means "swallow (bird)" (燕).
  • Tsubame's surname Koyasu means "child" (子) (ko) and "peace, quiet" (安) (yasu).
  • Almost every member of the Cheer Team has a crush on Tsubame.
  • Tsubame's parents are a famous bartender and restaurant manager.[4]


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