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Tsubame Koyasu


Rōmaji Koyasu Tsubame
Gender Female
Age 18
Birthday April 4
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Blonde with purple tip
Grade Senior (3-A)
Occupation Cheer Team (Vice-Captain)

Culture Festival Committee Chairman

Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unnamed Parents[1]

Unnamed Brother[2]
Unnamed Sister-in-law[3]

Media Debut
Manga Chapter 82
It's a waste not to try something that seems fun

—Tsubame Koyasu, Vol 12. Chapter 116, Page 12

Tsubame Koyasu is a supporting character in the series. She is a third year student, the Vice Captain of Shuchi'in's Cheer Team and Yu Ishigami's senior

Appearance Edit

Tsubame is a young girl with her bangs parted 7:3 to the right side of her head with the back portion tied up the back side with a ribbon

Personality Edit

Tsubame is a kind and cheery individual who sympathizes a lot with other people, this led to her shedding tears when she saw Yu Ishigami's downcast reaction at his loss at the relay race.

History Edit

Tsubame is one of the members of the Cheer team that helped Yu Ishigami get accustomed to teamwork and other people. Her kindness led to Yu being one of the many to have a crush on her but this has yet progressed to anywhere.

Remarks Edit

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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