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The First Kiss Never Ends Arc is the fourteenth arc of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurastai manga series.


Now that Kaguya and Miyuki have shared their first kiss, the time has come for them to truly understand each other and admit their feelings.


  1. Chapter 142: Regarding Kaguya Shinomiya, Part 4
  2. Chapter 143: Kaguya Wants to Be Noticed (Ice)
  3. Chapter 144: Kaguya Wants to Confide (Ice)
  4. Chapter 145: Kaguya Wants to Eat (Ice)
  5. Chapter 146: Our Personas (Kaguya, Part 1)
  6. Chapter 147: Our Personas (Shirogane, Part 1)
  7. Chapter 148: Kaguya Wants to Confess (Ice)
  8. Chapter 149: Kaguya Thinks It's Fine
  9. Chapter 150: A Normal Romance
  10. Chapter 151: The First Kiss Never Ends



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