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The Shuchi'in Academy Student Council (秀知院学園生徒 会しゅうちいん がくえん せいと かい, Shuuchiin Gakuen Seito-kai) is a student organization of Shuchi'in Academy.


Only the president is elected in the council by the students and the election is done part-way though the school year. The elected president have the sole authority to appoint students to positions in the council. There are six positions in the council: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, auditor, and general affairs officer.

Being on the council is considered to be tiring and difficult, to the point that Miyuki Shirogane was the first student in ten years to run for re-election.

Starting with the 66th Student Council, regular students were allowed to enter the Student Council room and ask the Council for advice.


Like committee members, student council members at Shuchi'in Academy are given privileges, such as preference in admittance to Shuchi'in University, scholarships, private study rooms, and many more.[1]

Only the president of the student council is given the letter of recommendation from Shuchi'in Academy's board of trustees, which is a premium ticket to universities and research institutes around the world.[1] Should a former president be re-elected, they can give the second letter to whomever they want.[2]


High School

Position Previous (66th) Previous (67th) Current (68th)
President Previous Student Council President Miyuki Shirogane Miyuki Shirogane
Vice President Unknown Kaguya Shinomiya Kaguya Shinomiya
Secretary Unknown Chika Fujiwara Chika Fujiwara
Treasurer Momo Ryuju Yu Ishigami Yu Ishigami
Auditor Unknown Unknown Senior[3] Miko Iino
General Affairs Miyuki Shirogane Unknown Senior[3] Vacant/Unknown

Middle School


President Unknown
Vice President Moeha Fujiwara
Secretary Unknown
Treasurer Kei Shirogane
Auditor Unknown
General Affairs Unknown

Paris High School

Position Current
President Unknown
Vice President Betsy Beltoise
Secretary Unknown
Treasurer Unknown
Auditor Unknown
General Affairs Unknown


A photo of the 68th Student Council shown near the beginning of season 3 of the anime.


  • The auditor and general affairs officer of the 67th Student Council were third-year students, but the commotion from the previous general assembly had a lasting effect and thus they were not on good terms with the second-years. They used to work sometimes in the student council room when no one else was around.[3]


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