Shuchiin Academy (秀知院学園, Shuuchin Gakuen) is an academy school for students to learn. This is where Kaguya, Miyuki, and the others are currently learning.

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An academy which educates students from preschool all the way to university, with its main branch also located in the Minato ward of Tokyo. Admission partway through the school system is also possible and the high school's standardized test hover near the 99.7th percentile.

In the 1700s, when many private schools were born, the school was founded as a learning institute by the Edo Shogunate because of their fear of the growing influence of those who had Western studies. Later, the school merged with other private schools and gained prominence. In 1850, it was granted an imperial scroll. The families of nobles and samurai all desired to have their children enter the academy and admission became a symbol of status. As a result, bribery and corrupted admission became rampant, a problem that still plagues the school to this day. After the war, as social mobility became less rigid, applications from common folk began to increase in number and the school instituted a general admissions examinations.

However, exorbitant tuition, expected donations, and bribery serve as methods to weed out candidate, and gaining admission aside from the special quota reserved to maintain an appearance of the academy's fairness is difficult. Because of the historical preferred treatment granted to the nobles and the wealthy, scandals such as treatment is based on the difference in bribery or family status and the alumni base intervening in the education have been exposed and some intellectuals are calling attention to the issues.

For example, a hierarchy exists where students who have attended the academy all their lives call themselves the Pure and those who entered the school part way through the system are labeled Impure. An incident occurred in the past were the so-called Impure student became the student council president and was chased out of the school in less than one semester. Since then, almost no Impure have dared to declare their candidacy for student council, and in the history of the school, only three have ever been the student council president.

One of those is Miyuki Shirogane.

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