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Shozo Tanuma
Japanese 田沼 正造
Rōmaji Tanuma Shozo
Nickname God Hand, Quack
Age 51
Gender Male
Hair Color Grey (Anime)
Black (Live action)
Eye Color Grey (Anime)
Brown (Live action)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Cardiologist
Relationships Unnamed Wife
Unnamed son
Unnamed daughter-in-law
Tsubasa Tanuma (Grandson)
Unnamed granddaughter
Japanese VA Junpei Morita
English VA Anthony Bowling
Actor Jiro Sato
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 79
Anime Episode 20
You're lovestruck.

—Shozo Tanuma to Kaguya Shinomiya, Vol. 8 Chapter 79 Page 8

Shōzō Tanuma (田沼 正造たぬま しょうぞう, Tanuma Shouzou) is a supporting character in the series. He is a world famous heart surgeon and the physician of the Shinomiya family.



While Shozo generally has a professional attitude he is prone to oversharing and reminiscing over his own past experiences. Although he encouraged Miyuki to open up and share his troubles he quickly finds those troubles to be overwhelmingly heavy. 


At age 17, he was "playing around with tons of girls without a care in the world", resulting in having a child at 17. This pattern repeated itself with his son, Tsubasa Tanuma's father, filling Shozo with a sense of impending doom for his grandson.

The doctor is also implied to have known about the mother of Kaguya Shinomiya, Nayotake Shimizu.


  • The name Shozo means "genuine" (正造).
    • It can also mean "right, proper" (正) (sho) and "construction, create, make, structure, physique" (造) (zo) separately.
  • Shozo's surname Tanuma means "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta) and "swamp, pond, bog" (沼) (numa).


  • In the live-action version, Shozo's actor, Jiro Sato is also the Narrator of the film.


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