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Miyuki... it's not that I hate your father. It's just that... love doesn't last forever.

—Mama Shirogane to Miyuki, chapter 164 (page 15)

Shirogane's Mother

Mama Shirogane.png

Mama Shirogane Anime.png

Gender Female
Hair Color White
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Unknown
Relationships Miyuki Shirogane (Son, estranged)

Kei Shirogane (Daughter, estranged)
Papa Shirogane (Husband, estranged)

Media Debut
Manga Chapter 83
Anime Episode 22

Shirogane's Mother is an unnamed character mentioned several times throughout the series. She is the estranged wife of Papa Shirogane and the mother of Miyuki and Kei.


Her facial features greatly resemble her daughter. She was shown with shoulder-length hair during Miyuki's childhood when he was applying for an elite kindergarten[1], and then with waist-length hair when she left the Shirogane household[2].


Shirogane's Mother was noted by Miyuki as having always wanted a smart child, gradually losing interest in him after he failed multiple early entrance exams and only taking his little sister with her when she left.[3] It can be inferred that she has very high standards and expectations of others, and has little to no qualms cutting ties with those who fall short of them.


She had Miyuki apply to an elite kindergarten and several prestigious elementary schools, all of which he failed. She left the Shirogane household approximately 7 years ago[4], only taking Miyuki's little sister with her.


  • She is not divorced from Papa Shirogane, despite them not having contact for over 7 years.[4]


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