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Perhaps I can provide a spoonful of sugar for the bitter trials in your love life. I suppose that would make me your sugar daddy.

—Papa Shirogane, Vol. 9 Chapter 83 Page 14

Papa Shirogane

Papa Shirogane

Kanji 白銀父
Rōmaji Shirogane chichi
Gender Male
Occupation Unemployed
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Miyuki Shirogane (Son)

Kei Shirogane (Daughter)
Unnamed Estranged Wife

Japanese Takehito Koyasu
Media Debut
Anime Episode 04
Manga Chapter 19

Papa Shirogane (白銀父(しろがねちち), Shirogane chichi) is a supporting character in the series. He is the father of Miyuki and Kei Shirogane.


Papa Shirogane is a middle aged man, he has short hair that is parted down the middle section. He usually wears a coat over clothes that vary depending on the occasion. His eyes have a fierce expression similar to what Miyuki has although it has not been indicated if this was due to overwork or lack of sleep, or just natural.


Papa Shirogane has a personality that tends to tease and make fun of people while keeping on a straight face. Despite that, he has a strict criteria when it comes to judging his son, Miyuki. His real name is unknown.


His wife left him and their factory shut down leaving him to not have any stable employment.


  • He doesn't like bell peppers.
  • From what he said in chapter 83, he still has feelings for his runaway wife.
  • He's a Nationally Certified Career Consultant.


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