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Gain her trust, and report her every move back to me.

—Oko to Ai Hayasaka, Vol. 19 Chapter 184 (Page 18)

Oko Shinomiya


Japanese 四宮 黄光
Rōmaji Shinomiya Oko
Gender Male
Personal Status
Relationships Gan'an Shinomiya (Father)

Seiryū Shinomiya (Younger Brother)
Un'yo Shinomiya (Younger Half-Brother)
Kaguya Shinomiya (Younger Half-Sister)
Maki Shijo (2nd Cousin Twice Removed)
Mikado Shijo (2nd Cousin Twice Removed)

Media Debut
Manga Chapter 184 (flashback)

Oko Shinomiya (四宮 黄光 Shinomiya Oko) is a supporting character in the series. He is the eldest half-brother of Kaguya Shinomiya.


Oko bears little resemblance to Kaguya Shinomiya and only share a few minor similarities with his younger brother Un'yo Shinomiya, such as his dark eyes and angular face. Unlike his two siblings, Oko is completely bald and has wispy facial hair, implying a certain age gap.

In all of his appearances thus far, he has been shown wearing loose-fitting traditional kimonos and robes.


Oko is a self-centered, selfish and arrogant person, who wants power and fortune for himself and doing his utmost to secure. Distrustful of everyone, he plots to keep his siblings in check while he tries to put himself in the situation that gives him the most benefit.. Calculating and devious, assigning Ai Hayasaka to spy on Kaguya's every move since she was young. He acts coldly towards Kaguya and makes it clear that he holds no familial or sentimental attachment to her and extends this to the rest of his family. He in fact thought nothing of his father's health state other than an opportunity to take advantage of, not caring in the least about his wellbeing, and has displayed annoyance that he still lives.

Both ambitious and entitled he goes to extreme lengths to secure his father's will in order concentrate power for himself, believing it is his right to be the next head of the Shinomiya and openly scorning on his siblings. He was even enraged when he believed Un'yo had "betrayed" him, somewhat believing his younger brother was always on his side when it was not the case, a testament to his inflated sense of self worth.

Oko is shown to be a deep misogynist and adheres to a strong sense of patriarchy, stating that Kaguya was unfit to be the next head due to being a woman and even stating she should behave "like a lady" when shown to be in defiance of him. He had no qualms to use her as a literal bargaining chip, offering her in marriage to the Shijo's, further disclosing how he sees in her sister, nothing more than a tool to be used and exploited and with no single familiar attachment whatsoever.

Un'yo has hinted that Oko is resentful that he has neither the charisma nor the ability to be at the helm of the family much unlike his father.


Approximately 9-10 years before the start of the story, Oko assigns Ai Hayasaka to start spying on Kaguya, reporting her every move as her personal attendant.


  • The name Oko means "yellow" (黄) (o) and "light" (光) (ko).
  • Oko's surname Shinomiya means "four" (四) (shi) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).


  • Oko is the eldest son of the Shinomiya family, and the heir apparent to the Shinomiya Zaibatsu.
  • Oko is the second brother of Kaguya Shinomiya to make a full appearance in the manga.
  • Oko is also the only member of the Shinomiya family who is known to be bald.
  • While Oko's exact age is unknown, he is implied to be at least in his late 30s to early-mid 40s.


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