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The New Game Arc is the fifteenth arc of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai manga series.


A series of vignettes detailing what everybody got up to over winter break.


  1. Chapter 152: Nagisa Kashiwagi Wants to Conceal
  2. Chapter 153: The Swallow's Cowry (Ice)
  3. Chapter 154: Kaguya Shinomiya's Impossible Challenge: The Swallow's Cowry (Part 2)
  4. Chapter 155: Chapter 155: Kaguya Shinomiya's Impossible Challenge: The Swallow's Cowry (Part 3)
  5. Chapter 156: Chapter 156: Miko Iino Cannot Love (Part 2)
  6. Chapter 157: Chika Fujiwara Really, Really Wants to Eat
  7. Chapter 158: Miko Iino Cannot Love, Part 3
  8. Chapter 159: Kaguya Is..., Part 1
  9. Chapter 160: Kaguya Is..., Part 2
  10. Chapter 161: Maki Shijo Wants to be Enlightened
  11. Chapter 162: Student Council: New Game



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