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—The Narrator in the end of most segments



Japanese ナレーション
Rōmaji Narēshon
Gender Male
Personal Status
Status Alive
Japanese VA Yutaka Aoyama
English VA Ian Sinclair
Actor Jiro Sato
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1

The Narrator (ナレーション, Narration) is an incorporeal, omnipresent and omniscient being that narrates the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime.


The Narrator narrates events in a serious and over-dramatic manner. He informs viewers on what characters are thinking and has knowledge on a wide variety of subjects, often explaining the different types of topics that the characters bring up. He always gives the end results of battles.

In the English dub. the Narrator is a lot more witty and comical. He can sometimes be heard about to break in laughter over the ridiculous situations presented, as well as having a lot more casual way of speaking.



  • The Narrator, due to being a disembodied voice, is a "character" exclusive to the anime.
    • The Narrator is made as the anime adaption's solution to the text-heavy dialogue boxes of the manga, as well as provide a layer of comedy by having an over-dramatic commentary over mundane situations.
  • In the live action movie, the Narrator is voiced by Jiro Sato, who also plays Shozo Tanuma in the film.


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