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I also wanted to see my daughter's face. It's been a while.

—Nao Hayasaka, Chapter 111 Page 12

Nao Hayasaka

Nao Hayasaka.PNG

Japanese 早坂 奈央
Rōmaji Nao Hayasaka
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Shinomiya Group Manager
Relationships Masato Hayasaka (Husband)
Ai Hayasaka (Daughter)
Kaguya Shinomiya (Wet nurse)
Japanese VA Toa Yukinari
English VA Caitlin Glass
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 111
Anime Episode 30

Nao Hayasaka (早坂 奈央はやさか なお, Hayasaka Nao) is the mother of Ai Hayasaka.


Nao has the appearance of a mature lady, She appeared wearing a long sleeved blouse with an ornament around the collar. She has short hair that only goes till around her neck. During the colder months she also wears a coat over the blouse.


Nao is a mother that dearly cares for her daughter, Ai. At one point in time due to them being unable to meet she started to instead leave some notes on a notebook every day for them to have some sort of correspondence.[1] Additionally she also finds amusement in seeing Kaguya be embarrassed and cooperated with Papa Shirogane to increase the effect.[2]


The Hayasaka family was once prominent, but lost their conflict to the Shinomiya family and, noted for their fine bloodline, were absorbed into it. She gave birth to Ai Hayasaka in the Shinomiya family's main house.

Her husband is Kaguya Shinomiya's godfather and she was Kaguya's wet nurse.[3]


  • The name Nao means "apple tree" (奈) (na) and "center" (央) (o).
  • Nao's surname Hayasaka means "already, now, fast, early" (早) (haya) and "slope, hill" (坂) (saka).




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