Nagisa Kashiwagi



Kanji 柏木 渚
Rōmaji Kashiwagi Nagisa
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday June 25
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Grade Junior (2-B)
Occupation Volunteering Club (President)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unnamed Parents

Unnamed Older Brother
Unnamed Grandfather

Japanese Momo Asakura
Media Debut
Anime Episode 02
Manga Chapter 06
I've never really thought about true love myself...

—chapter 64 page 7

Nagisa Kashiwagi (柏木 渚(かしわぎ なぎさ), Kashiwagi Nagisa) is a supporting character in the series. She is a second year student in Shuchi'in highschool, the president of the volunteering club in the academy and the girlfriend of Tsubasa.


Nagisa is a young girl with black short hair, black eyes and always has a clip tied on her hair. She wears the standard girl's school uniform. In the anime, she has dark brown hair and red eyes.


Nagisa is a very friendly young girl to people especially to her classmates and always asks the student council for love advice about Tsubasa (Nagisa's boyfriend). Like any couple, she has a few fights with Tsubasa, but they end up making up with him at the end of the chapter.

On chapter 97, she suspects Tsubasa of cheating and shows jealousy almost similar to a "yandere" (she mentions something about killing Tsubasa for cheating and hiring a detective to spy on him).


Nagisa was first introduced as someone's crush and accepted his confession on a whim. Her first in person appearance is when she asks Kaguya on how to break up, but Fujiwara saved their relationship. Sometimes, Kaguya asks for love advice from her and she also occasionally got into a fight with her boyfriend, but they always make up after that.

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  • The name Nagisa means "beach, shore" (渚).
  • Nagisa is the daughter of the president in a major ship-building company.
  • In Chapter 138, Nagisa tells Kaguya that it was about two months after the first kiss before she and Tsubasa (Nagisa's boyfriend) started having sex, but it took about 40 seconds after the French kiss.


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