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Moeha Fujiwara


Kanji 藤原 萌葉
Rōmaji Fujiwara Moeha
Gender Female
Birthday June 26
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Silver (manga)

Pink (anime)

Grade Junior (2-B)
Occupation Student Council (Vice President)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Toyomi Fujiwara (Oldest Sister)

Chika Fujiwara (Older Sister) Daichi Fujiwara (Father)
Maho Fujiwara (Mother)
Unnamed Grandfather

Japanese Ari Ozawa
Media Debut
Anime Episode 08
Manga Chapter 39
I really can't deal with her. She says the scariest things...

Kaguya Shinomiya, Vol 6. Chapter 52, Page 4

Moeha Fujiwara (藤原 萌葉(ふじわら もえは), Fujiwara Moeha) is a supporting character in the series. She is the vice president of Shuchi'in middle school and is the younger sister of Chika Fujiwara.

Appearance Edit

A young girl in middle school, she wore a shirt under a dress when they went out to window shop. She wears ribbons like Chika but in contrary to her style, she ties her hair up on both sides.

Personality Edit

She has the same sunny personality as her sister, Chika. However she says the scariest things at times, like wanting to corrupt Kei by locking her in a dungeon and torturing her for the rest of her life, or having Kaguya as the number one person on the list of people she wants to eat.

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