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Kei Shirogane

Kei Shirogane is his younger sister. He is overprotective of her and nags her a lot. Due to this, she has recently been prickly and quite rebellious against him but he still cares for her greatly. Over the course of the story, his relationship with Kei has improved tremendously, with the two often playing the straight man to their father's strange behaviors.

Papa Shirogane

Papa Shirogane is his father. Because of his tendency to say and act weirdly, Miyuki often finds himself at odds with his father and is often embarrassed whenever he is with his father in the public. Still, Miyuki respects his father and often keeps his advice in mind.

Shirogane's Mother

Shirogane's Mother pushed him to excel academically when he was a child and abandoned him when he was about nine or ten. Miyuki's constant drive to be the best is in part motivated by the hope that she'll come back for him.

Student Council

Kaguya Shinomiya

Kaguya Shinomiya is the girl that Miyuki likes but his knowledge about relationships suggests that whoever confesses is the loser in a relationship thus leading to him unwilling to openly admit it. Due to this, he engages in mind games with Kaguya in order to corner her and make her confess. He finds Kaguya beautiful and has openly said it a few times. Later in on the series, we get to know that he is the first one to fall in love before he even became the Student Council President. The whole reason why he became the President was to simply stand beside her and have a chance. He thinks only grand gestures fit for someone like Kaguya and attempted to get in her favor through numerous grand gestures.

Although engaged in many mind games with Kaguya, upon learning that he was accepted into Stanford University and will attend there at the end of the year, he decided to confess to Kaguya if she did not do it first. Instead of just wanting to confess however, he also wanted to ask her to go with him. The main reason he engaged in mind games with Kaguya was because of the gap in their socioeconomical status, thinking he needed to make Kaguya confess to him first in order to be able to truly stand as an equal to her.

After the events of Chapter 160, Miyuki and Kaguya had officially started dating in secret.

In Chapter 220, Miyuki Shirogane actually slept with Kaguya Shinomiya

Yu Ishigami

Yu Ishigami is a close friend of Miyuki. He was recruited by Miyuki after investigating a particular incident wherein Ishigami was framed to be the culprit. Miyuki finding out the truth and believing in Ishigami, apparently "saved" Ishigami, thus a strong bond of trust ties them together. Miyuki even trusts Ishigami enough to ask for his advice regarding his romance (albeit while pretending that it is for a friend). They occasionally spend time together outside school activities.

Chika Fujiwara

Chika Fujiwara is a classmate and close friend of Miyuki. While at times he considers her a threat to his and Kaguya's mind games, he owes her a lot. His ability to play volleyball, ability to sing at least one song without killing someone, ability to dance Soran Bushi, ability to fillet a fish, ability to rap, and ability to make balloon art were all due to Fujiwara's long and tireless training sessions. In general, although Miyuki does not view Chika in high regard, he has shown to be trusting of her abilities, as shown in the incident regarding Ai in Kyoto.

Miko Iino

Miko Iino is a friend and former rival of Miyuki, having once run for the position of President against him during the student council elections. She lost out to him, but Miyuki admired her sense of justice and willingness to do the right thing and thus recruited her to be the Student council's Auditor. Their relationship is also described as "awkward". Realizing that it is his duty to be more familiar with the members of the council, Miyuki has tried on many occasions to speak with her, often times being dragged into Miko's strange interests. These interactions allowed the two to become more comfortable with each other. After Miko reveals her feelings about Yu to Miyuki, and after consoling Maki and Kaguya, he decided to support Miko and often gives her advice for her love affairs. Their bond has the potential to mirror that of Kaguya's and Ishigami's, with Miyuki serving as a sort of 'mentor' figure to Iino in helping her improve upon her flaws. 


Ai Hayasaka

Ai Hayasaka is a friend of Miyuki. The two became friends after Ai revealed her identity as Kaguya's maid, and the two often text each other. After Ai retires from being Kaguya's maid, the two of them now regularly hang out and act as friends.

Go Kazamatsuri

Go Kazamatsuri is a friend and classmate of Miyuki. He is the one that eggs on Miyuki to join an activity at a karaoke place. They get along well. He is a fellow impure like Miyuki.

Saburo Toyosaki

Saburo Toyosaki is one of Miyuki's classmates and friends that goes along to a karaoke activity.

Maki Shijo

Maki Shijo is a classmate and friend of Miyuki. The two initially bonded over their shared inability to confess to their respective crushes. Miyuki considers her to be cute due to her personality reminding him of Kaguya.


Mikado Shijo

Mikado Shijo is the one person to have scored higher than Miyuki on the mock exams the previous year, and Miyuki considers him to be his academic rival. Although, later in the series, they meet face-to-face and they bond over their boob preferences (along with tsubasa tanuma) and is even on first name basis

Momo Ryuju

Momo Ryuju previously served on the student council with Miyuki back when he was the general affairs officer. Their exact relationship is unknown, but Momo does seem to view him in a somewhat positive light, to the extent of reluctantly helping out with an extremely tedious request during the Culture Festival.

Previous Student Council President

The Previous Student Council President attempted to recruit Miyuki into the Student Council during Miyuki's first year even though Miyuki is impure. They had a generally friendly relationship during Miyuki's first year. As shown in the third years' graduation ceremony, Miyuki and the rest of the former student council still greatly respects him, despite whatever that had happened between them in the past. Miyuki has retained some of the policies of his predecessor, such as scouting students with problematic pasts, and leaving the Student Council Room open to all students.

Kobachi Osaragi

Kobachi Osaragi is one of Miyuki's underclassmen. Initially rivals during the election campaign between him and Iino, Shirogane and Osaragi officially meet on more personal terms through their status as the "chaperones" of Ishigami and Miko respectively. Together, they attempt to come up with a plan to better the relationship between Ishigami and Miko, which worked to an extent. Shirogane is impressed at Osaragi's ability to deal with Iino's personality.