Miyuki Shirogane



Kanji 白銀 御行
Rōmaji Shirogane Miyuki
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday September 9th
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Yellow
Grade Junior (2-B)
Occupation Student Council (President)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Kei Shirogane (Sister)

Papa Shirogane (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Grandparents

Japanese Makoto Furukawa
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
What, the figure out what Shinomiya's thinking and guess where she went game? Hmph, that was a hundred times easier than the usual ones

—Miyuki Shirogane Vol 5, Chapter 45 Page 15

Miyuki Shirogane (白銀 御行(しろがね みゆき), Shirogane Miyuki) is the main male protagonist of the series. He is a student in Shuchi'in senior highschool and the president of the student council in the academy.

Appearance Edit

Miyuki is a handsome young man with yellow hair, blue eyes. His eyes makes him look like he's usually angry but that is not the case. It's merely the result of his sleep deprivation and nearsightedness. He usually wears the regular black male uniform adorned with the Aiguilette, the golden chainlike accessory around his neck, it symbolizes his authority as student council president.

Personality Edit

Miyuki is the top scorer in the whole academy. He is friendly to people and always talks kindly to them. Miyuki is addicted to hard work because he believes himself to be an exceptional person and a genius, he forces himself to maintain his mental state to the point where he may neglect his own health. Furthermore, the word stupid and cute is a taboo to him. In the worst case scenario, he will lose himself to his obsession and die in an agonizing death.

Other than his eccentricity, he is described as an extremely virtuoso person. He will never turn down an opportunity to listen to people who come to talk to him or do favors for them, and sincerely invest himself in other's well-being. He cannot leave others in trouble and has a knack for finding those in trouble as well. He studies for several hours a day and works part-time jobs as well, resulting in a life where no one knows if he even sleeps.

History Edit

His mother left him and Kei at childhood. Their father's factory was shut down and currently has no stable employment. They live in an apartment that only costs¥50,000 a month. Due to this grisly past, he has been led to a lifestyle of part time jobs and hard work. He passed the Level 2 Kanji Kentei exam and has passed Grade Pre 1 on Eiken. He has also got second place on the National mock exam.

Trivia Edit

  • Miyuki's natural angry eyes and his hair color resembles a form of a manga artistic expression.
  • He has entomophobia (fear of bugs).[1]
  • He likes oysters.[2]
  • He was bad at volleyball constantly hitting himself while trying to do a serve. Fujiwara has taught him since and he has started to play volleyball like a normal person.[3]
  • He's bad at singing and was caught by Fujiwara lip-syncing the school anthem.[4]
  • His singing was described to be as appalling as a sea cucumber's intestines by both Fujiwara and Hayasaka.[4][5]
  • He has a natural inclination to art. He can draw and improve at it by constantly trying.[6]
  • He likes cats and penguins. [7][8][9]
  • He has never had any Christmas cake and only had ¥2000 gift cards for Christmas presents.[10]
  • His hair that extends to the left side of his head is actually bed hair. He normally can't fix it due to the lack of time he has between waking up and riding his bike to school.[11]
  • He shuts down and falls unconscious if he doesn't refill his caffeine reserves every three hours.[12]
  • He likes stargazing.[13]
  • His LINE icon is a picture of the Orion constellation.[14]
  • He has decided to study at Stanford University after he graduates from Shuchi'in[15]
  • He has a middle schooler's sense of fashion. [16]
  • He is good at juggling, spinning top, and yo-yo.

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