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I still remember clearly when we first met. You hadn't the slightest interest in me. So I worked hard. Harder than I ever had before. You'll probably never know how happy I was when I finally beat you at your best. I felt a glimmer of hope in my chest that just maybe we could one day stand on equal footing.

—Miyuki to Kaguya, Vol. 14, Chapter 136, Page 9-10

Miyuki Shirogane

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Japanese 白銀 御行
Rōmaji Shirogane Miyuki
Nickname Prez (by Student Council members)

Myuu (by Yu Ishigami)
Arsène (in Culture Festival)

Age 17 (as of Chapter 53)
Gender Male
Birthday September 9
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Blue (anime / manga)

Brown (live action)

Blood Type O
Residence Sangenjaya, Setagaya Ward[1]
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Part-Timer

Student Council President

Year Level Junior (2-B)
Relationships Kei Shirogane (sister)

Papa Shirogane (father)
Unnamed mother (estranged)
Unnamed Grandparents
Kaguya Shinomiya (girlfriend)

Japanese VA Makoto Furukawa
You Taichi (child)
English VA Aaron Dismuke
Actor Sho Hirano
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1

Miyuki Shirogane (しろがね ゆき, Shirogane Miyuki?) is one of the protagonists in the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai series. He is a second-year high school student at Shuchi'in Academy and the president of the 67th and 68th Student Council.


Miyuki is based on Ootomo no Miyuki (大伴 御行), the fourth suitor from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, who was tasked with finding a Jewel from a Dragon's Neck.


Miyuki is a handsome young man with blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Due to his constant sleep deprivation and nearsightedness, his eyes appear to glare. He usually wears the regular Shuchi'in Academy black male uniform adorned with the Aiguilette, the golden chain-like accessory around his neck, as per his authority as the student council president.


Shirogane is a diligent student who, despite his underprivileged background, climbed his way to the top of his class through hard work and determination. Shirogane holds himself in high regard, consistently working to maintain his perfect image. He is a textbook workaholic, enjoying his part-time job and often putting his own health at risk for the sake of his work. Due to his poor background, Shirogane doesn't mention finance much and goes to great lengths to not be wasteful, and generally dislikes expensive gifts.

Even though he holds feelings for the vice president, Kaguya Shinomiya, her wealth and talents greatly intimidate him, leaving him utterly terrified at the idea of confessing to her. He fears that any action that can be interpreted in a romantic way will cause Kaguya to look down on him, saying his trigger phrase "O-kawaii-koto", or "How Cute". This is true even after beginning to date her. He also maintains the illusion of a perfect person at all times, in order to impress Kaguya and project a proper image befitting of the SC President of Shuchi'in High. He hates the thought of Kaguya finding out his less desirable traits, and hides them away. Another reason he studies so hard is that people are forced listen to an "impure" student when he achieves top grade in his age group, and he believes that if he were to fall under Kaguya in the assessment it would make her leave him behind, deeming a potential relationship with her impossible and alien.

Shirogane has never had a girlfriend before Shinomiya and is actually quite clueless when it comes to romance, though his dignified demeanor leaves most of the students to think otherwise and they often seek him out for love advice. Although he excels at studying, Shirogane has proven to be painfully talentless in a variety of other activities, such as sports, singing, dancing, and more. However, he always strives to try and rectify these shortcomings, for his ego, unfaltering image and generally at the expense of Secretary Fujiwara's mental health, though never forcefully coercing her to train him.

Despite this, Shirogane is unwaveringly kind and virtuous, never putting any of his goals above the well-being of others. He is extremely supportive and generous, willing to help any students with their problems, and will put aside his quest to get Kaguya to confess if it even has a chance of hurting someone else.


Miyuki's mother left his family when he was a child, taking his younger sister Kei Shirogane with her as she fell "out of love" with her husband. Miyuki's father's factory was shut down and currently has no stable employment. They live in an apartment that costs ¥50,000 (Approx $450) a month. Due to this hard past, he has been led to a frugal lifestyle of part-time jobs and hard work to support his family. He has a bad relationship with his sister, due to his overprotectiveness at a time Kei wants to be left to her own devices. He passed the Level 2 Kanji Kentei exam and has passed Grade Pre 1 on Eiken. He has also got second place on the National mock exam.

Miyuki transferred into Shuchi'in Academy during his first year of high school on a scholarship. His first week was a disappointment in that a great majority of his peers were condescending to him because of transferring in and being "impure". Miyuki was being recruited to serve as the new student council general affairs officer by the Previous Student Council President and helped clean up a swamp. There, he saw Kaguya Shinomiya saving a girl from drowning, despite not knowing how to swim (though she had her maid to drag her back, the planning of which he also admired). It was at that moment where he was truly charmed by Kaguya.[2] At the advice of fellow student council member Momo Ryuju, he adopted the confident genius personality he is shown to have at the story's beginning in order to attract her.


  • Miyuki's natural angry eyes and his hair color resemble a form of a manga artistic expression.
  • He has entomophobia (fear of bugs).[3]
  • He likes oysters.[4]
  • He was bad at volleyball, constantly hitting himself while trying to do a serve. Chika Fujiwara has taught him since and he has started to play volleyball like a normal person.[5]
  • He's bad at singing and was caught by Fujiwara lip-syncing the school anthem.[6]
  • His singing/rapping was described to be as appalling as a sea cucumber's intestines by both Fujiwara and Ai Hayasaka.[6][7]
  • He has a natural inclination to art. He can draw and improve at it by constantly trying.[8]
  • He likes cats and penguins. [9][10][11]
  • He has never had any Christmas cake and only had ¥2000 gift cards for Christmas presents, however he secretly gives his sister money on her birthday.[12]
  • His blood type is O and weighed 2118 grams at birth. [13]
  • His hair that extends to the left side of his head is actually bed hair, caused by sleeping with his face in a penguin pillow. He normally can't fix it due to the lack of time he has between waking up and riding his bike to school.[14]
  • He shuts down and falls unconscious if he doesn't refill his caffeine reserves every three hours due to intense sleep deprivation.[15]
  • He adores stargazing, to the point he can completely ignore Kaguya's schemes to focus on the moon.[16]
  • His LINE icon is a picture of the Orion constellation.[17]
  • He has decided to study at Stanford University after he graduates from Shuchi'in.[18]
  • He has a middle schooler's sense of fashion. [19]
  • He is good at juggling, spinning top, and yo-yo.


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