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I hate him. That jerk. He doesn't take anything seriously, he doesn't follow the rules at all, and he's dumb. He's absolutely not my type. And yet... when I heard he went on a date with Tsubame-senpai... I felt a lump in my throat, and I couldn't breathe.

—Miko to Miyuki, Vol. 19. Chapter 190, Page 18-19

Miko Iino

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Japanese 伊井野 ミコ
Rōmaji Iino Miko
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday May 5(Taurus)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 147 cm[1]
Blood Type O
Residence Daikanyama, Shibuya Ward[2]
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Student Council Auditor

Public Morals Committee Member

Year Level Freshman (1-B) (formerly)

Junior (2-A) (current)

Relationships Unnamed parents

Unnamed aunt

Japanese VA Miyu Tomita
English VA Madeleine Morris
Actor Yuka Kageyama
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 65
Anime Episode 12 (cameo)

Episode 16 (actual)

Miko Iino (伊井野 ミコいいの みこ, Iino Miko) is the semi-heroine in the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai series. She is a first-year high school student at Shuchi'in Academy, a member of the Public Morals Committee, and the current auditor of the Student Council.


Miko was based off of Ishidzukuri no Miko (石作 皇子), the first suitor from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, who had been tasked with collecting the Stone Begging Bowl of the Buddha.


Miko is a short, petite young girl with brown eyes and long brown hair that is styled in loose pigtails, with bangs covering her forehead. When in Shuchi'in Academy high school uniform, she wears black stockings and a yellow armband on her left arm to distinguish herself as a member of the Public Morals Committee.


Miko is most notable for her strong and obstinate sense of justice and decency. She is convinced that the morality of Shuchin has been declining, and thus wishes to impose heavy, though unreasonable, regulations on students. Because of her overbearing and borderline authoritarian attitude, she was generally disliked by the student body. Despite this, Miko’s determination never wavered, as she continued to confront those who she deemed were acting unfairly, even at the expense of her own reputation. 

Like Shirogane, she holds herself at a high standard, being at the top of her class and even running for president despite being a freshman. Though she rarely shows it, Miko seeks the validation of her peers and wants them to understand her ideals. She seems to have crippling stage fright.

Despite her no-nonsense attitude, Miko has her fair share of eccentricities. She has a voracious appetite in spite of her size, of which she is embarrassed of. She also overuses emoticons when texting in contrast to her more professional demeanor. Ironically, while she is vehemently against anything lewd or perverted, Miko’s mind is actually quite suggestive and she has a tendency to misinterpret normal situations into being sexual. 

Miko can be quite naive at times, having an unrealistic perception of love and believing that her ideal boyfriend will be a prince. She is incredibly easy to manipulate, as simply complimenting her and giving her praise is enough to calm her down and treat you nicely.


Her father is a judge in the Supreme Court and her mother works in an international humanitarian support group. Their vocations led to a lonely childhood for Miko. This set off her thought that "Mom and Dad work hard because there are too many bad people." Due to this, she developed a strong personality that follows moral correctness; always being the first to come to school, doing the teacher's directive, and is always at the top of her grade when it comes to scores. She adores justice and wants to set everything around her straight, even at the cost of her reputation. Her infamy for being obsessive in correction leads to continuous lost Student Council Elections after the other.

She became a part of the Public Morals Committee in middle school and she was the best at her job. She told off everyone who was disobeying school regulations, popular boys, scary upperclassmen, boy and girl alike, this led to piercing gazes and haunting grudges. Her idea of justice is stifling to most of the people she encounters. Yet despite all the people talking bad about her, she never showed a tear, in public that is. She described this time as the hardest time of her life. During this time she received a letter and a pressed flower which she still preserves to this day. Her ideal pure love stems from this incident.[3]

After her loss in an election to Shirogane, Miko was grateful to Shirogane for helping her present her speech, while being frustrated at the fact that she lost at the same time. Shirogane invited to join the 68th Shuchi'in Academy Student Council as an auditor while continuing to participate in the Public Morals Committee. Miko declared that she needed a little to decide. The next day, she officially became a part of the Student Council. While a member of the Student Council, Miko frequently butts heads with Ishigami, and witnesses several awkward moments between Shinomiya and Shirogane, walking in on the two in compromising positions at the worst possible time; leading her to think the council was immoral.

The hostility between Miko and Ishigami continues until the school's Culture Festival. As Miko is the student that was most in favor of having a large bonfire, she is required to miss the festival and patrol the surrounding area in order to ensure no fire has spread, and comply with fire safety regulations. Ishigami, noting Miko's absence, goes to find her, and presents her with a heart-shaped pendant (possibly the one that Shinomiya lost), citing school regulations which state that any objects found on school grounds should be returned to the discipline committee. Ishigami then shows Miko pictures of the other students enjoying themselves at the festival, in an effort to cheer her up. It is hinted that Miko's feelings towards Ishigami change at this point, at least internally, though it remains to be seen if their antagonistic relationship will experience a thaw.[4] In later chapters, she is hinted at having a crush on Ishigami. Finally, in chapter 190, she openly reveals her crush and states that she is jealous of Ishigami's relationship with Tsubame.


  • Miko's surname Iino means "that one" (伊) (i), "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).


  • Miko idolizes Chika Fujiwara.[1]
  • Miko also plays the piano.[1]
  • Miko's LINE icon is a picture of a bird.[5]
  • Miko's favorite anime is "Onegai My Melody".[6]


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