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If he were to confess to me, it's not like I wouldn't date him or anything.

—Maki to Shirogane and Ishigami Vol. 10 Ch 98 Page 7

Maki Shijo


Kanji 四条 眞妃
Rōmaji Shijo Maki
Nickname(s) Tsundere-senpai (By Yu)
Gender Female
Age 17 (As of Chapter 152)
Birthday January 1
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Brown
Grade Junior (2-B)
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unnamed Parents

Mikado Shijo (Younger twin brother)
Kaguya Shinomiya (Second cousin twice removed)

Japanese Kana Ichinose
Media Debut
Anime Episode 02
Manga Chapter 06

Maki Shijo (四条 眞妃(しじょう まき), Shijo Maki) is a supporting character in Kaguya-sama Love is War. She is a second year student in Shuchi'in highschool as well as a legitimate descendant of the Shinomiya bloodline.  


Maki is a young girl with brown hair tied up in short twin tails. Her bangs cover over her eyebrows. She is often seen dressed in the Shuchi'in Academy school uniform. Prior to her current appearance, she had shoulder length hair.


Maki has an outgoing personality. In contrast to Kaguya's elegant and refined air, she has a more casual atmosphere around her when interacting with others. As she is not a member of the main Shinomiya house, she has not been raised completely sheltered unlike Kaguya, but nonetheless she has some measure of naiveness.

Maki often experiences rapid changes in emotions, especially when the topic concerns Tsubasa. One of her most defining traits is her pride from being a part of the Shinomiya family. This causes her actions and thoughts to be similar to Kaguya's.


Maki is a part of a branch family of the Shinomiya house, despite the blood relationship, she and Kaguya don't get along well with each other. She likes Tsubasa but is also good friends with Nagisa as such she does not want to resort to dishonourable conduct such as breaking them up. She is also against confessing to Tsubasa and thinks of it like how Kaguya thinks about confession. Her troubles led to her being a visitor of the student council room from time to time.

During the Cultural Festival, she get into the haunted house with Kaguya even if both of them are not good with scary stuff. She dances with Nagisa at the bonfire. During Christmas, she goes to India to reach enlightenment but it failed. After the break, she listened about the incident that lead to Miko's broken arm from Yu and wish for her arm to be broken too.

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  • In the original release of Chapter 31, her name was listed as "Maki Ichijou".
  • Maki and her brother are the only twins among the cast.


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