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That smile is what Ishigami worked so hard to protect.

—Kaguya Shinomiya, chapter 90 (page 16)

Kyoko Ootomo
Japanese 大友 京子
Rōmaji Ootomo Kyoko
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Status Alive
Year Level Freshman
Japanese VA Reina Ueda
English VA Brittany Lauda
Actor Risaki Matsukaze
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 55 (cameo)

Chapter 87 (actual)

Anime Episode 22 (cameo)

Episode 23 (actual)

Kyoko Ootomo (大友 京子おおとも きょうこ, Ootomo Kyoko) is a supporting character in the series. She is a former student at Shuchi'in Academy.


Kyoko has brown hair that is always tied up in a ponytail by a ribbon with bangs parted at the middle, blue eyes and she is normally seen with a smile on her face.


Kyoko is a friendly, social and upbeat girl who easily befriends others and even approaches those who are more socially introverted.

She has a darker side to her personality, one that is very resentful and vengeful, holding onto grudges for a long time and being capable of unleashing very hurtful remarks.

She can be considered clingy, for she still wanted to make up with Ko Ogino, and with an inability to move on from the incident, and with that same inability allowing her to be in a state of denial when Tsubame Koyasu tried to explain the truth about the incident.



Kyoko was classmates with Yu Ishigami during their last year at Shuchi'in Academy middle school and was the only person who would try to strike up a conversion with the introvert. During this time, Kyoko was also dating her popular peer Ko Ogino. Unbeknownst to her, however, he was a playboy who was cheating on her.

Ishigami eventually learned that Ogino was cheating on Kyoko and confronted him about it. Unfortunately, Ogino took advantage of the situation by provoking Ishigami into attacking him while Kyoko and their whole class watched. Even worse, Ogino then blackmailed Ishigami into staying quiet, lest he shares a pornographic picture of Kyoko, and accused him of being a stalker who was jealous of his relationship with Kyoko. Desperate, Ishigami reached out to his classmates to take his side. However, due to his rebukes being nonsensical, they instead all went with Ogino's false story, with Kyoko herself calling him "crazy" for thinking that attacking her boyfriend could win her affection.

In the aftermath, Ogino used the fiasco as an excuse to break up with Kyoko, something which greatly hurt her due to not knowing of his cheating ways. She would subsequently fail the Shuchi'in high school preliminary exams and be forced to change schools, separating her from Ogino who did pass. Ishigami, meanwhile, had been put on indefinite suspension until the Student Council uncovered what happened and allowed him to return to school. However, to protect Kyoko, the truth was kept under wraps. Instead, Kaguya Shinomiya strategically revealed the truth to several VIPs who were visiting Shuchi'in, ruining any future prospects Ogino could have gotten from graduating from the esteemed private school and prompting him to transfer out.

Sport Festical Arc

About a year later, Kyoko visited during the Shuchi'in sports festival, with Ai Hayasaka speculating that Kaguya invited her. Still not knowing the truth, she used the opportunity to tell Ishigami that she is still holding a grudge against him. Just before an event, she told him to go fall face flat in the dirt for being instrumental in her getting dumped. However, her being able to say something like that in public instead washed away his last regrets of having sacrificed his reputation to save hers, and he rebukes her by saying: "shut up, idiot", much to her shock. Despite getting insulted, Kyoko ends up leaving in good spirits, having told Ishigami what she wanted to tell him.

End of Secrets Arc

Tsubame Koyasu, who learned the truth from Kobachi Osaragi, later revealed to Ishigami that she had met up with Kyoko at a café, wanting to know what exactly she thought of him. Unfortunately, once again due to still not knowing the truth, Kyoko was unable to rectify her false image of Ishigami with Tsubame's real one, leading to them getting into an argument that ended with Kyoko angrily storming off.

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  • The name Kyoko means "capital city" (京) (kyo) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Kyoko's surname Ootomo means "big, great" (大) (o) and "friend, companion, pal" (友) (tomo).


  • Kyoko did not pass the Shuchi'in preliminary exam.
  • Kyoko is still friends with students from Shuchi'in.
  • Kyoko finds Ishigami extremely cute when he's crossdressing.