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That smile is what Ishigami worked so hard to protect.

—Kaguya Shinomiya, chapter 90 (page 16)

Kyoko Ootomo


Ootomo Anime.png

Japanese 大友 京子
Rōmaji Ootomo Kyoko
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Status Alive
Year Level Freshman
Japanese VA Reina Ueda
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 55 (cameo)

Chapter 87 (actual)

Anime Episode 22 (cameo)

Episode 23 (actual)

Kyoko Ootomo (大友 京子おおとも きょうこ, Ootomo Kyoko) is a supporting character in the series. She is a former student at Shuchi'in Academy.


She always has her hair up in a ponytail by a ribbon and parts at the middle. She is normally seen with a smile on her face.


She is a friendly, social and upbeat girl who easily befriends others and even approaches those who are more socially introverted.

She has a darker side to her personality, one that is very resentful and vengeful, holding onto grudges for a long time and being capable of unleashing very hurtful remarks.

She can be considered clingy, for she still wanted to make up with Ogino, and with an inability to move on from the incident.


Kyoko first appears as someone from Ishigami's flashback. She was Ishigami's classmate in their last middle school year. She dated Kou Ogino, who cheated on her without her knowledge.

Ogino breaks up with her after a fiasco between Ogino and Ishigami and she is still hung up about the break up which leads her to Shuchi'in Academy during its sports festival just to say she's still holding a grudge about that to Ishigami. Just before an event, she told Ishigami to go fall face flat in the dirt for being instrumental in getting her dumped, with Ishigami telling her to shut up. Although she was called an idiot by Ishigami, she leaves in good spirits, having told Ishigami what she wanted to tell him. She enrolled to another school due to not passing the preliminary exam.

Series Appearances



  • She did not pass the Shuchi'in preliminary exam.
  • She is still friends with students from Shuchi'in.



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