Our plan is a game that will involve the entire school! It is... a battle royale death match to the last man standing.

—Kozue Makihara, Vol. 12 Chapter 116 Page 18

Kozue Makihara


Kanji 槇原 こずえ
Rōmaji Makihara Kozue
Nickname(s) Makkii-senhai
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Grade Freshman (1-A)
Occupation Tabletop Gaming Club (President)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 29

Kozue Makihara (also known as Makkii-senhai) (槇原 こずえ(まきはら こずえ), Makihara Kozue) is a supporting character in the series. She is the president of the Tabletop Gaming Club.


She has quite a small figure and short hair up to her neck and has bangs that cover her eyebrows and has a very bland expression most of the time.


As the president of the Tabletop Gaming Club, Kozue loves games. She also has a somewhat sadistic sense of humor, as shown by her cheerfully torturing Miko while gathering audio for their class' event during the culture festival.

She is shown to be very intelligent, regularly ranking among the top ten students in the freshman class during the end of semester exams.


She is a First year student that studies at Shuchi'in Academy and she is the president of the Tabletop Gaming Club and she's friends with Chika and Gigako.

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