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Kobachi Osaragi


Kanji 大仏 こばち
Rōmaji Osaragi Kobachi
Nickname(s) Koba-chan (by Miko)
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday June 6
Grade Freshman (1-B)
Occupation Public Morals Committee
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unnamed Mother
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 65
I think they're already getting along better.

—Kobachi to Shirogane, about Iino and Ishigami, chapter 103 (page 13)

Kobachi Osaragi (大仏 こばち(おさらぎ), Osaragi Kobachi) is a supporting character in the series. She is a freshman in Shuchi'in highschool and a close friend of Miko Iino.

Appearance Edit

Kobachi is a young girl with long hair styled to have its tied ends rest on her left shoulder, in addition she wears round framed glasses that have been with her ever since childhood.

Personality Edit

Kobachi is a girl of very few words, while quiet she tends to make good observations that tends to be, most of the time, correct. As part of the Discipline Committee, she also has a fine sense of justice, however not as intense as Miko's.

She also has a not so hidden perverted side, showing interest in a confiscated BL magazine and describing the idea of sexual immorality in the Student council as "a pretty hot situation".

History Edit

Kobachi has studied in Shuchi'in since primary school and has always been a trusted friend and supporter of Miko Iino ever since. She has worked with Miko in multiple Student Council President Elections and remained loyal despite failing time and time again.

At some point during the preparation for the Devoted Hearts Festival, she began dating Kazeno.

Trivia Edit

  • Her last name is written as Daibutsu but is read as Osaragi.[1]

References Edit

  1. chapter 85

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