If you say anything about this, Kyoko is in for it.

—Ogino to Ishigami, chapter 88 (page 14)

Ko Ogino


Kanji 荻野 コウ
Rōmaji Ogino Ko
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 85

Ko Ogino (荻野 コウ(おぎの こう), Ogino Ko)is a supporting character in the series. He is a former student at Shuchi'in Academy.


His middle school look is short hair that parts at the middle. He also has long eyelashes.


On the surface, Ogino appears to be friendly and attractive. In reality, he is cruel, manipulative, and a skilled liar and is a two-faced snake who was very condescending and patronizing when Yu Ishigami found out about his secret.


Ogino was introduced as Kyoko Ootomo's boyfriend. One day as he talked on the phone, Ishigami overheard his conversation. After a small talk, Ishigami deduced Ogino's cheating. Ogino tries to silence Ishigami by offering him something suggestive and distasteful involving his girlfriend that ended up with Ishigami beating Ogino up. In front of many witnesses, Ogino acts like Ishigami is Ootomo's stalker and thus makes Ishigami the criminal and acted like the victim.

Ogino broke up with Ootomo, and after that was forced to transfer out of Shuchi'in Academy when Kaguya revealed his crimes to the various VIPs who attended the school.

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  • He was extremely scared and paranoid about Yu Ishigami because he went to great lengths not to submit to him and so he was paranoid he might come for revenge.
  • He probably had another girlfriend and was hooking up with her while he was still together with Kyoko Ootomo.



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