In reality, she wants to speak to you normally, but she's too embarrassed to do so. It happens all the time.

——Chapter 83 (page 17)

Kei Shirogane

Kei Cover

Kanji 白銀 圭
Rōmaji Shirogane Kei
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday August 1
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White
Grade Junior (2-B)
Occupation Middle School Student Council (Treasurer)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Miyuki Shirogane (Brother)

Papa Shirogane (Father)
Unnamed Mother (estranged)
Unnamed Grandparents

Japanese Sayumi Suzushiro
Media Debut
Anime Episode 01 (First mentioned)

Episode 08 (First appeared)

Manga Chapter 01 (First mentioned)

Chapter 28 (First appeared)

Kei Shirogane (白銀 圭(しろがね けい), Shirogane Kei) is a supporting character in the series. She is a second year middle school student in Shuchi'in middle school and the treasurer in the middle school student council. Kei Shirogane is Miyuki Shirogane's younger sister.


Kei Shirogane first appearance

Kei is a beautiful young girl with long white hair, blue eyes, and a very pale complexion. She usually wears the middle school uniform and a frilly hairband with a pearly accessory. She has a variety of fashionable casual outfits outside of her school uniform.


Kei seems to share many of the same characteristics as her older brother, being a hard worker and unwaveringly kind and self-sacrificial. Being from a poor family, she places a heavy emphasis on money and goes through great lengths to not spend much. To others outside her family, she comes off as calm and composed, though she is apparently good friends with Fujiwara and her sisters. Her similarities with her brother extend so much to the point that she seems to have developed a nervous attitude towards Kaguya because she admires her greatly.

Despite being so much like her older brother, Kei and Miyuki don’t get along as Kei is going through a rebellious stage in her life. As a result, she is mean and abrasive towards her family, particularly Miyuki as he constantly nags and treats Kei like a child. Though she refuses to admit it, Kei cares about her brother and is deeply interested in his love life, though her pride has prevented her from asking him about it directly. Instead, she is often seen awkwardly stretching around Miyuki when he is trying to figure out how to confess to Kaguya.


Kei is part of the Shirogane family, she's the sister of Miyuki Shirogane.


  • Kei incredibly adores Kaguya, to such an extent that it may resemble a crush (she greatly admires her) and often becomes a cause for jokes in the plot.[1][2] However, later chapters reveal that Kei perceives her more as an excellent role model and an ideal wife for her brother than a potential love interest.[3]
  • She has the same addiction to coffee as the Miyuki and normally drinks it black.[2]
  • Apparently, she also does part-time jobs as she once implied that buying a certain piece of clothing would cost her 450 newspaper delivery runs.[2]
  • She doesn't like bell peppers.[4]
  • Her LINE icon is a picture of a lemon tea juice box, which she also was drinking at the end of Chapter 39.[5]
  • Kei manages the family finances.[6]


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