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Have you forgotten our goal!? To force Miyuki Shirogane to confess. To make that man submit from his very core. That is what we desire.

—Kaguya (Ice), Chapter 53 (Page 8)

Kaguya (Ice)
Nickname Ice-chan
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
Relationships Kaguya Shinomiya (Whole)

Kaguya (Moron) (Fellow Subconscious)
Kaguya (Child) (Fellow Subconscious)

Japanese VA Aoi Koga
English VA Alexis Tipton
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 53
Anime Episode 14

Kaguya (Ice) (かぐや (氷)) is a supporting character in the series. She is the mental representation of Kaguya's Superego.


Due to representing Kaguya at her coldest, she is appears identical to how Kaguya was before falling in love with Shirogane. She wears the Shuchi'in Academy Winter girls uniform and wears her hair loose. Her eyes are cold and lifeless, barring when she has emotional outbursts.

Later appearances also give her far more detailed hair compared to the rest of the cast.


As the mental representation of Kaguya's Superego, she is naturally cold, logical and calculating.

She is incredibly blunt to those around her in a way that is often viewed as rudeness (though she is unable to be honest towards Miyuki).

Due to representing everything about Kaguya's past and everything she hates about herself, she has an incredible amount of self loathing hidden just beneath the surface.


She was one of the first mental representations to be subconsciously created by Kaguya to protect herself from the strict and harsh realities of her family life.


  • She is the first one, among all the subconsciouses of Kaguya to fall in love with Miyuki Shirogane.
  • She wants to be to kissed first than to be the one to initiate a kiss due to the fact that it will make Kaguya's heart flutter more.
  • She takes her and Miyuki Shirogane's future more seriously than Kaguya's other subconsciouses.
  • She had always dreamed of being kissed by Miyuki.


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