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Hayasaka’s Friends

Hayasaka's Friends

Hayasaka Friends Anime

Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Purple (Friend A)

Hazel (Friend B)

Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Students
Year Level Junior (2-A)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 25
Anime Episode 06

Hayasaki’s Friends (real names unknown) are supporting characters in the series. They are both friends of Ai Hayasaka.


Friend A has long brown hair in a ponytail with two long bangs in front and purple eyes. Friend B has long brown hair and hazel eyes. Both of them wear Shuchi'in school uniforms modified to match up with kogal fashion.


Not much is known about the two, but they’re good friends with Ai.



  • Friend A is the daughter of an advertising executive, and Friend B is the daughter of the president of an IT company.[1]


  1. Chapter 29


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