Fujiwara's Grandfather

Fujiwara's Grandfather.png

Gender Male
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relationships Toyomi Fujiwara (Granddaughter)

Chika Fujiwara (Granddaughter) Moeha Fujiwara (Granddaughter)

Media Debut
Manga Chapter 105

Fujiwara's Grandfather (real name unknown) is a supporting character in the series. He is the grandfather of Toyomi, Chika, and Moeha.


He's an old man with circular glasses and is balding and wears a happy expression on his face.


He's very kind and generous as he keeps spoiling Chika with loads of pocket money.


He comes from a family of politicians. His father/father-in-law was once the prime minister, and his son/son-in-law is the current minister of the right, making his lineage one of extreme prestige.


  • He secretly gives Chika pocket money behind her mother's back.


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