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Episode 24 is the twelfth and final episode of Season 2 and the twenty-fourth overall episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


The student council cheers Kaguya up and concludes with a balloon game.


The principal enlists the student council's aid as models for a Shuchiin pamphlet. Kaguya, as a daughter of an influential person, must not have public photos of her taken and thus cannot join in the photography session. At the end of it, the student council wants to take a group photo along with Kaguya at the rooftop. She tried to give her phone to the principal to take a picture of them but a strong wind causes Kaguya to lose her grip of her phone and it fell off the rooftop. Kaguya breaks her flip phone, losing the photos she had been taking up until now.

At the phone repair shop, as her phone model is old and exclusive, Hayasaka and Kaguya learn that the photos are irrecoverable and Kaguya buys a smartphone to replace it. The phone gag returns but Kaguya breaks it by giving Shirogane her Line account QR code. The student council notices Kaguya remains down, and Shirogane creates a group chat where they upload and share their photos. Kaguya is happy because now she has more photos than she had before. They take a group photo with Kaguya's new smartphone.

Fujiwara wants to play a game where you can pump it as many times as you want, but you have to pump it at least once and whoever busts it loses. It is a balloon pump game. Shirogane and Kaguya attempt to maintain their composure but failed. Ishigami's character growth in the sports festival arc proves to be worthless before the fear and anticipation of the giant balloon popping. Kaguya resort to underhanded tactics by giving Fujiwara mandarin oranges as its juice can thin the layer of the balloon and will pop it but Fujiwara rejects her offer. Iino is easily manipulated into pumping the balloon to near bursting point. As her turn comes closer, Kaguya use the sharp end of a mechanical pencil and a rolled up paper to shoot the balloon but it hit Iino instead. As Shirogane sees Kaguya's troubled face, he is reminded of his past that is ultimately useless as he fails to live up to his father's hopes that he would become the kind of man who would protect those he cares about and chickens out of bursting the balloon to spare Kaguya. As Shirogane and Kaguya switch places, Fujiwara starts peeling a mandarin orange, popping the balloon when some of its juice splashes onto the balloon.

The bursting of the balloon brings on an exaggerated credits sequence whereby the academy is demolished. Kaguya and Shirogane nonetheless continue to scheme, finding ways to make the most out of the situation to stir the other towards confessing as the season comes to a close and ends with the image of student council taken from Kaguya's phone.



  • The origin of the pictures shown in the photo montage are as follows (from right to left):
    • Chika preparing mochi with Yu in Episode 15 (taken by Miyuki).
    • Chika rubbing up against Kaguya after they get married in Happy Life in Episode 13.
    • The end of the window shopping trip in Episode 14.
    • Miyuki showing off his birthday presents in Episode 14 (taken by Yu).
    • A selfie of the Tabletop Gaming Club playing concentration (taken by Chika).
    • Miyuki and Yu on their trip to the aquarium in Episode 19.
    • Miyuki and his father at the sports festival in Episode 22.
    • Kobachi and Miko on duty in Episode 22.
    • Chika taking a selfie with Kaguya.
    • Kaguya and Miyuki in the Student Council room.
    • A backup of Kaguya's photo of the Student Council in Episode 24 (taken by Kaguya).
    • The Student Council watching the fireworks in Episode 12 (taken by Yu).
    • Kaguya preparing Yu for the Cheer Club performance in Episode 23 (taken by Chika).
    • Kei and Kaguya on the window shopping trip in Episode 14 (taken by Chika).
    • Kaguya and Miyuki during the moon viewing in Episode 15 (taken by Yu).
    • Yu, Chika, and Miyuki with their mouths taped shut after spoiling Today Will Be Sweet in Episode 19 (taken by Miko).
    • Miyuki and Yu celebrating after winning the Student Council elections in Episode 18 (taken by Chika).
    • Kaguya's bento in Episode 01.
    • The fireworks in Episode 12.
    • The student body singing the school anthem in Episode 17.
      Season 3 Foreshadowing.png
    • The outside of the school at sunset.
    • Kaguya with cat ears in Episode 04 (taken by Miyuki).
  • Sky funeral is a reference to the skipped chapter 30 content.
  • The end of the episode references the first opening, with a pink explosion blowing up the school and a shot of Kaguya's ribbon and Miyuki's chain lying among the rubble.
  • The words "Continue?", "Yes", "No" and the number "3" can be seen on the right side of the final frame, teasing the possibility of a third season.


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