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Episode 19 is the seventh episode of Season 2 and the nineteenth overall episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


Kaguya gets carried away with her actions and Miko keeps entering at the wrong time.


The narrator talks about underwear briefly. Fujiwara and Kaguya, entering the Student Council, open the door on Ishigami in his briefs. After Fujiwara panics, Ishigami explains he hadn’t changed after PE, as he had to put things away. Fujiwara then teases him about wearing briefs rather than boxers. Ishigami passionately exclaims that boxers are worn by “man whores”. Kaguya learns what this means from Fujiwara and soon wants to find out if Miyuki is a “man whore” from the underwear he wears.

Kaguya initially plans to spill tea on his trousers and offer to dry them, exposing his underwear, but decides that this suggests an abnormal desire. She resolves to casually ask him, so that it goes unnoticed. After asking what tea he prefers, she asks what underwear he wears. Miyuki obliviously replies that he likes colorful underwear. Suddenly he realizes what she has asked and misinterprets it as an offer for Kaguya to wear the underwear of his choice.  Miyuki prefers her to wear black panties, but thinks he must choose something less lewd to avoid embarrassment. He thus responds that they are material-laden, thin and tight-fitting. Kaguya interprets this as Miyuki wearing boxers and thus being a “man whore”.

Miko stumbles in as Kaguya calls Miyuki a “man whore” and rushes out. Miyuki rashly exclaims that he likes black panties to appease Kaguya. Miko misunderstands this comment as Miyuki trying to hit on her. It is revealed that Ishigami gave up wearing briefs on that day.

The next day in the Student Council, Kaguya apologizes for calling Miyuki a “man whore” and offers to give him a hand massage. It is revealed that Hayasaka advised her about how to prevent Miyuki from sleeping with other women. Hayasaka originally recommends Kaguya to sleep with Miyuki but she protests so Hayasaka suggests a massage. This is claimed to cause “positive feedback” as physical contact is said to make “prevent-men-from-cheating hormones” which inspires the creation of “love” hormones. Miyuki is eventually swayed by the prospect of touching Kaguya’s hands.

However, Kaguya gives a very forceful massage, causing great pain for Miyuki and, according to the narrator, releasing large amount of stress hormones. On the other hand, Kaguya is said to experience a great flood of love hormones. Kaguya admits that she has never massaged anyone before and Miyuki feels a twitch of compassion. Meanwhile, Miko tries to rationalize what she saw the other day, and barges into the Student Council once again. She sees Kaguya tending to Miyuki on the sofa and misinterprets it as something sexual. Kaguya absentmindedly proposes Miko should join in and Miko runs away shocked.

At the Shirogane abode, Kei is crying over a manga. Miyuki similarly reads the manga and cries over it. He resolves to make Kaguya read the manga so that she strongly desires to fall in love and confesses. He tries the manga out on Ishigami, an avid manga reader, and he also cries over it. Suddenly Fujiwara and Kaguya enter, and Fujiwara recognizes the manga, “Go Sweet”. Kaguya picks up the book, hearing the praise from the others, but puts it back down, acknowledging that she is not a manga reader. The others try to convince her to read it, explaining the plot: the main character is an untrusting girl and meets a foul-mouthed boy. Fujiwara blurts out that the boy has uncurable illness and dies near the end. Wishing to prevent further spoilers, Miyuki and Ishigami cover Fujiwara’s mouth with tape.

Miko arrives once again at the Student Council door, is horrified by the sight and runs away. Kaguya is still not convinced by what she hears so Miyuki tries again: an anorexic, untrusting girl makes friends for the first time at the start; only eats canned food after her parents attempted to poison her food in the middle; and eats her boyfriend’s curry before his death at the end, bittersweetly exclaiming “It’s sweet!” Fujiwara thinks they have revealed too much and so also covers their mouths with tape. Miko returns to save Fujiwara, but sees that Miyuki and Ishigami have also had their mouths covered. It is revealed that Hayasaka and Kaguya end up reading “Go Sweet”.

After the closing credits roll, after Kaguya reads “Go Sweet”, she experiences “Shojo manga brain syndrome” – Miyuki and Ishigami seem more handsome and everyone is more willing to fall in love and acting strangely, including the narrator. Kaguya indicates two tickets to the aquarium that she has secretly placed with the box of puddings. Ishigami surprisingly wants to go with Kaguya to reward her for helping him study, and revealing his knowledge of fish. Miyuki counters, offering to go with her, and revealing his knowledge of penguins.

Fujiwara enters before Kaguya is unable to cope with their affections, boasting about the sumo wrestling she saw yesterday. Miyuki grabs the tickets before Fujiwara launches into the box of puddings, leading to Kaguya feeling optimistic. Kaguya starts blushing and Ishigami suggests she should go to the infirmary. Miyuki and Ishigami compete over taking Kaguya to the doctor, but Miyuki eventually escorts her. Miyuki tries to invite her to the aquarium as they walk, but she obliviously rejects him, lovestruck, stating “for me, this place is an aquarium”. Miyuki is shocked, but in the end Miyuki and Ishigami go to the aquarium instead.




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