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Episode 18 is the sixth episode of Season 2 and the eighteenth overall episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


The election speech concludes the election term and a new student council is formed.


Ishigami wants to defeat Iino by a landslide in the election, while on the other hand, Iino is trying to calm her nerves before the final presentation in front of the school body. Osaragi is called first to present her speech followed by Kaguya, who makes clever use of visuals and past achievements to draw the maximum amount of attention to herself and her speech. Miko is already aware of how well received Kaguya's speech was compared to Osaragi's. Its finally Miko's turn to give her speech, but upon reaching the podium she freezes in panic, because of her stage fright. Ishigami then reveals that the reason he wants Miyuki to defeat her by a landslide was so that she gets dissuaded from trying running for elections again because every time she goes on stage, she freezes and makes a fool of herself, people laugh at her despite her hardest efforts and this pisses Ishigami off. We also get to see Miko's past from Osaragi's perspective and it matches with Ishigami's statements, that losing hurts Miko more and more every time even if she doesn't show it on the outside. Miyuki understands the situation and interrupts Miko's speech and initiates a debate, thus completely drawing her attention to himself and away from the crows. Miko steels her resolve and the two contestants go on to have a long and drawn-out debate about the state of the school and how it should progress ahead. The election ends with Miyuki's victory by a small margin. Miko is disheartened once again but this time people come to congratulate her for her efforts and thus instilling confidence in her once again.

Relieved that Miyuki has won after all her hard work, Kaguya is consoled by Hayasaka, but when Fujiwara makes a sudden appearance, Hayasaka runs away, pushing Kaguya on the way, who trips and falls down making Fujiwara believe that she has an upset stomach and takes her to the infirmary. Meanwhile, Miyuki meets up with Osaragi and Miko and offers them a place on the new student council. Osaragi refuses, claiming she was only in it to support Miko, but Miko asks for some time to think about it. Miyuki agrees and tells her that she is welcome anytime. Fujiwara and Ishigami who were eavesdropping on the conversation were afraid that Miyuki would not select them for the council again as they have "dysfunctional personalities". Miyuki immediately addresses them by their council titles and instructs them that the first job of the new council is to put away the chairs.

Back at the infirmary, Kaguya throws a tantrum at Hayaska, complaining that Miyuki didn't even come to visit her despite knowing about her condition, and then starts to worry that maybe he doesn't care about her at all and was just using her to get elected once again and has now disposed of her. Hayasaka realizes that Miyuki has finally come to check up on Kaguya and quickly dashes out of the window. Kaguya throws a blanket on top of herself and lies down. Miyuki sits down on a stool next to the bed and apologizes for not being able to come to meet her any sooner. He also apologizes for throwing away all her hard work when he decided to help Miko on the stage. Miyuki then adds that when he is with her and the others, he feels that he can accomplish anything but when he alone every task seems impossible and with that being said he requests her to be his vice president once again and that he needs her. Kaguya is too embarrassed to say anything and simply shows him an OK sign with her hands. Miyuki, elated runs out of the infirmary.

The next day, the council once again assembles in the council room and this time they are joined by a new member.




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