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Episode 17 is the fifth episode of Season 2 and the seventeenth overall episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


Kaguya and Chika are troubled by and try their best to help Miyuki.


Miyuki finally free from his responsibilities from the student council was able to get a good night's rest and his glare was gone. His look changed so drastically that it shocked Fujiwara and Ishigami when they met him the next day at school. But due to his kinder look, people who usually avoided him, came up to Miyuki and made small talk. Miyuki realized that he could probably use his new look to entrap Kaguya, but all his attempts were turned down by Kaguya who gave not even the slightest reactions. This troubled Miyuki but Kaguya was barely able to control herself, she couldn't understand why Miyuki would change his look. Kaguya liked his glare more than his new look.

Troubled by this, she decides to turn to Kashwagi for help. Kashiwagi immediately realizes that it's about Kaguya and Miyuki and tries her best to help Kaguya. but when Kaguya mentions 'True Love', Kashiwagi loses her composure as it's an embarrassing topic to talk about. Fujiwara, hearing something about love, comes over and gives her opinion that love that can be swayed by looks alone is FAKE and cheerfully walks away. This distraughts Kaguya and turns to Ishigami for help as well, who says that thereares no such things as true love in this day and age and people should realize that the love within their hearts is the True Love. Kashiwagi is deeply troubled by their answers but goes along with Kaguya and says that everyone has their own way loving and that is true love. 

During one of the morning assembly anthems, Fujiwara realizes that Miyuki has been mouthing the words, and scolds him afterwards for his incompetance. Miyuki defends himself by saying that he knows the words, but he is a bit tone-deaf and hence is unwilling to sing. Fujiwara gets flashbacks to her volleyball training sessions, but since music is something she excels in, decides to help Miyuki anyways, though she quickly regrets her decision as she finds out that Miyuki is completely tone-deaf and aks him to just sing normally, Miyuki recalls how in his middle school competition he was requested by the students to mouth the words so as to not lose, ever since then he has been mouthing. Moved by this Fujiwara trains Miyuki relentlessly and at the very next morning assembly, Miyuki sings loud and clear causing Fujiwara to burst into tears.

Later that day, Hayasaka hands Kaguya intel about Iino and also warns Kaguya that she may not be able convince Iino to withdraw her name from the council election. Kaguya claims that she's dealt with tougher people before and invites Iino to the student council room and offers to help Iino win the election the next year if she accepts to step down for this year. Iino accuses Kaguya and Miyuki of being corrupt and that they are meant for each other. Kaguya interprets this in a romantic sense and loses track of her thoughts and fails to convince Iino to step down



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  • The shot of Chika leading the student body in singing the school anthem features a large number of recognizable characters in it, all of whom are properly ordered according to their grade and class.


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