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Episode 16 is the fourth episode of Season 2 and the sixteenth overall episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


Hayasaka is angry at Kaguya and Miko Iino is introduced.


Kaguya wants to see if Miyuki could fall for Hayasaka. Hayasaka 'bumps' into Miyuki at a bookstore and tells him some stuff that has happened to her. Kaguya spies on them to see if anything interesting has happened between Miyuki and Hayasaka. Hayasaka grabs a Computer Magazine and asks Miyuki that he would probably have a better choice, she invites him to sit with her in the cafeteria inside of the bookstore so Miyuki could tell Hayasaka some stuff about computers. Hayasaka sleeps for 3 hours, Miyuki constantly tries to wake her up even though Hayasaka has been taking glances at Miyuki for quite a while. Hayasaka wakes up and tells Miyuki that he could've left her alone. Miyuki tells Hayasaka, he couldn't leave a defenseless girl alone. Hayasaka then asks Miyuki if they could go out. Miyuki says he has somebody he already likes. That made Hayasaka mad, she was mad at Kaguya mostly.

Miyuki and Fujiwara are in a room talking about Miyuki's speeches for the election. Miyuki thinks Kaguya is the one for the job. He wants to pull Kaguya out of class to talk to her about the speech, but he is too embarrassed. Hayasaka comes up to Miyuki and asks him what he's doing. He tells Hayasaka that he wants to speak to Kaguya, Hayasaka tells Kaguya that Miyuki wants to talk to her. Kaguyas class are shocked and confused if Miyuki is going to confess to Kaguya, they spy on them to see what Miyuki is going to ask Kaguya. Miyuki asks Kaguya if she could be in charge of the speeches. Kaguya agrees to do the speeches. The school runs after Kaguya and Miyuki.

Miyuki, Fujiwara and Ishigami meet Miko Iino. Miko argues with Miyuki and Ishigami, Miko then asks Fujiwara if she could be her Vice President after Miko becomes the President of the Student Council. She tells Miyuki and Ishigami that Fujiwara is a fitting-person to take the place of Vice President. Miko says she won't back down and she will be a successful President to Miyuki. Miyuki takes a look at the flier Miko gave him, he sees that it is full of nonsense and things that people will hate.



  • The ending song has been updated to have Miko turn around.


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