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Episode 15 is the third episode of Season 2 and the fifeenth overall episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


The 67th student council's time comes to a close.


The episode opens with Miyuki being excited about that night's stargazing session. This comes as a surprise to the council who were unaware of such a plan. Miyuki has all the preparations ready and has the permission to use the roof and requests the council to join him. Ishigami agrees, saying that this may be one of the last few times that the council will be together before it gets disbanded. With this in mind, the rest of the council agrees. On the roof, Kaguya doesn't understand the joy of stargazing but is willing to use this opportunity to make Miyuki confess, she cleverly makes Fujiwara and Ishigami go to another spot on the roof to deal with the preparations while she gets to be alone with Miyuki. She decides that asking him for his jacket would be a good starting point and would make him squirm in discomfort, but to her surprise, he simply hands it to her and even offers her some hot tea, she drinks from it and asks him to do likewise knowing very well that he would not be able to drink from the cup she just drank from, but he downs the tea without a second thought. She finally comes to realize that at that moment, he was completely lost to the moon and did not care about their little battles. She decided to fake interest in the constellations and would then compliment him to make his feel awkward, but the plan backfires as Miyuki grabs her close and starts explaining everything to her in detail, Kaguya growing more and more embarrassed by the moment frees herself from Miyuki's grasp. Miyuki, on a serious note, asks her if the moon reminds her of Princess Kaguya from the tale of the bamboo cutter, she agrees and says that she hates the story and how it ends. Miyuki agrees and adds that the man in the story did not pick up on Princess Kaguya's message and that if it was him, he would have never given up on Kaguya, he would've gone to the moon and brought her back even if it took him several lifetimes to accomplish it. Kaguya no longer able to control her embarrassment at Miyuki's honest words, flees the roof. Shirgane loses. The next day Miyuki realizes all the embarrassing things he said and regrets it immensely.

It is finally time for the 67th student council to disband, they go through the room and collect their belongings and finds several artefacts collected throughout the year such as decorations from the French student meet, Fujiwara's various games, Movie tickets, The confiscated magazine etc. Ishigami points out that they haven't checked one last place and reveals a hidden chamber behind one of the shelves. With everything accounted for and settled, the council leaves the council room behind for the last time. On their way out Fujiwara gets emotional and the council bow and bid a teary farewell to the room.

To celebrate the end of a successful year, they head over to a family restaurant for some drinks Miyuki thanks everyone for their hard work throughout the year and finally removes his golden cord and jacket. The discussion moves on to who will lead the next council. Miyuki suggests Ishigami try his luck, but he refuses. When Fujiwara considers the position, everyone laughs much to her displeasure. Kaguya tried to ask Miyuki something by referring to him as "President:" but was instantly told to drop the honorific as he is no longer the President. Kaguya is troubled as to how she should address him now and rules out calling him by his name as it would be too embarrassing. Fujiwara on the other hand openly calls Miyuki by his name and receives a mental insult from Kaguya. Ishigami then addresses Miyuki by a nickname, which encourages Kaguya to think of one as well but fails to use it due to her embarrassment and instead goes to get a refill. At the refill station, Fujiwara claims that all would be alright if Miyuki steps up for President for another year, but Kaguya states that it would be selfish of them to ask him of that and that he already has the letter of recommendation from the school board. and that Miyuki had worked tirelessly between his position as the President, his academics and his several part-time jobs. On their way back, Kaguya imagines a student council where she could be the President and Miyuki the Vice President but drops it as she realizes that he would still work too hard even if the roles got switched. When Miyuki finally drops off Kaguya at her house, she can't hold it back any longer and asks Miyuki to continue being the president for another year. Miyuki waiting for this exact moment reveals to her that he had been planning on applying regardless but was only waiting for her to state it outright. Kaguya is flustered but decides to remain silent. This was what she wanted after all. Miyuki was bluffing himself though, he had only filled the form and had no intention of turning it in unless Kaguya asked of him.

The election arc has begun! A new contestant has entered the show!




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