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Episode 14 is the second episode of Season 2 and the fourteenth overall episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


Kaguya prepares to celebrate Miyuki's birthday.


The episode starts with Kaguya, Fujiwara, Moeha and Kei going out shopping. The plan had been to go out during the summer break but was constantly pushed back. But now that it was finally happening, it was right before Miyuki's birthday. Kaguya saw this as an excellent opportunity to get close to Kei and also ask about their family gifting traditions. Unfortunately for her, Fujiwara was paired up with Kei, and Moeha stuck with Kaguya. Kaguya was very uncomfortable with Moeha and wanted to switch places as soon as possible. But throughout the day, she couldn't get close to Kei. Finally, when they were picking out clothes, Kaguya decided to wait for them outside the shop as Hayasaka is responsible for picking out her outfits. It was at this moment that Kei too decided to join Kaguya outside. They were seated on the same bench and Kei struck a conversation with Kaguya, startling her and causing her to call Kei, 'little sister'. Kei corrected Kaguya and insisted Kaguya simple call her Kei much to Kaguya's awkwardness at using a person's first name despite not knowing much about them. The conversation having moved on, Kaguya decided to ask Kei about their Christmas gifts, to which Kei replied that they only get a bookstore gift card as spending money on gifts is considered a waste in the Shirogane household. Kaguya is surprised but then enquires about birthdays to which she receives the same reply. Kei then continues and tells her that she doesn't like Miyuki because even though the family decided not to give gifts, he secretly slips her some cash on her birthdays and feigns ignorance when asked upfront about it. Kaguya realizes that Miyuki is the same at home as he is in school. As they were talking, a little girl tripped and fell but Kei quickly leapt forward and saved her from any serious injury, though she did scratch her knee. Kei quickly applies some water on her newly bought handkerchief and wraps the little girl's wound. Upon Kaguya's questioning, Kei simply says that it was the best way to make use of the handkerchief and walks on. Kaguya is mesmerised by this act and realizes that Kei is the mirror image of Miyuki and feels as if she's on a date with Miyuki himself. Finally, at the end of the shopping trip, Kei expresses her thanks to Kaguya and mentions that they should hang out again sometime, just then Fujiwara embraces Kei causing Kaguya to berate Fujiwara mentally. Back at the Kaguya mansion, Kaguya gives her report to Hayasaka and tells her that an expensive gift would likely not be accepted by Miyuki. To this Hayasaka responds by wrapping a ribbon around Kaguya's body and tells her to present herself as a gift, needless to say, she received an earful from Kaguya for this. Kaguya wins.

The next day, Bakaguya presents her custom order cake to celebrate Miyuki's birthday to Hayasaka. Hayasaka takes one look at it and calls it repulsive and labels Kaguya an idiot. In the student council room, after Ishigami and Fujiwara leave, Kaguya decides that now is the best time to celebrate the birthday but realization hits her about her massive cake and she fights her two personas mentally on whether on not the birthday should be celebrated. After a long mental courtroom session, she finally decides to celebrate it regardless of how it may seem. She switches off the council rooms lights and asks Miyuki to close his eyes, which he does, perplexed as to why she would ask him to do something like that. A few moments later Kaguya presents him with a slice from the cake, hands him a hand fan with the calligraphy done by herself and wished him a happy birthday. Embarrassed, she runs out of the council room where Hayasaka consoles her and tells her that she did well Shirogane, back in the council room is flustered at Kaguya's actions but is extremely happy at the cake and gift he received. Shirogane wins.

The next day in the student council, Shirogane is rummaging his mind as to why Kaguya would take the trouble of celebrating his birthday alone and going to such lengths to get him a cake and a gift. He assumed it was maybe her way of confessing to him. Fujiwara and Kaguya enter the council room and Fujiwara enquires about the fan. Shirogane believes that if he mentions that Kaguya gifted it to him, Fujiwara would realize that Kaguya is in love with Miyuki, but he stops because he feels that it would be wrong to use someone's kindness against them and instead tells Fujiwara that "a friend" gifted it to him. To this Fujiwara gives the complete opposite reactions and accuses Miyuki of loving Kaguya. This was Kaguya's plan all along. She informed Fujiwara beforehand that they had celebrated Miyuki's birthday the other day and that it was surprising that the President didn't inform anyone else of his birthday. Miyuki is furious and once again is reminded that all is fair in love and war, and retorts by pointing out that he never mentioned his birthday to anyone and that it was Kaguya who found out his birthday a year ago when she was going through the Council Room Roster and hid it from others for a whole year. Fujiwara now turns to Kaguya for answers but Kaguya's mind is thrown in disarray as she notices how cute Miyuki looks using her fan. Miyuki seizes his chance and further presses a now useless Kaguya into a corner. Just then Ishigami enters and is happy to see that Miyuki is using the pen that he gifted Miyuki the other day. Kaguya jumps on and points out the Fujiwara that it is bad to make false accusations and when Ishigami realizes that only Fujiwara didn't know it was Miyuki's birthday, he berates her causing her to run out of the Council room apologizing for her mistakes. Kaguya genuinely thanks Ishigami who believes that he has made a mistake. Fujiwara loses.



  • When Kei is describing how her brother acts at home, he is briefly depicted as Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-chan. A copy of Volume 2 of the manga can also be seen laying next to him.


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