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Episode 13 is the first episode of Season 2 and the thirteenth overall episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


Establishing the current character dynamics.


Hayasaka sneaks into Shuchi'in's Student Council to replace a instant coffee mix with a decaf instant coffee mix. Kaguya serves Miyuki the coffee, Miyuki drinks the coffee and falls asleep. His head falls on Kaguyas shoulder and Hayasaka comes running in the Student Council Room after he hears Kaguya shout. Kaguya tells Hayasaka to keep everyone out of the Student Council Room. Hayasaka makes all of the people who were about to enter the Student Council room turn away. She enters the Student Council Room again to check up on Kaguya and Miyuki. She sees that they're still in the same position they were before. 

Tsubasa asks Miyuki if he could give him more love advice. Miyuki sees that Tsubasa has turned into a different person. His hair has changed ,he has an earring and his personality is not the same as before. Ishigami thinks Tsubasa is gloating, and later gets mad and wants to tie Tsubasa with toilet paper. Kashiwagi walks in the Student Council Room and asks the three boys if Kaguya is in the room. Kashiwagi and Tsubasa are left alone in the Student Council Room when Ishigami and Miyuki walk out of the room. Chika and Kaguya see Ishigami and Miyuki sneaking on Kashiwagi and Tsubasa. They don't think they have reached Nirvana yet, but they want to see if they have. Chika and Kaguya join in,they see that Kashiwagi and Tsubasa are holding hands, kissing and Tsubasa is kissing Kashiwagi's neck. After hearing Miyuki say that holding hands is on the first date, kissing is on the third date, and sex is on the fifth date, Kaguya collapses. Kashiwagi then reveals that she and Tsubasa were just messing with them.

Chika invites Miyuki, Kaguya, and Ishigami to play a game she made in the Tabletop Gaming Club. Miyuki and Kaguya decline the invitation, which makes Chika sad. Ishigami shows interest, so Kaguya and Miyuki then agree to join. Chika sets the game and explains the rules. Ishigami gets run over by a car and dies, Kaguya becomes a billionaire, Chika gets married to Miyuki and have 9 kids. Chika and Miyuki then have a divorce and later in the game, Miyuki marries Kaguya ,but Kaguya has a Distrust all Men card and she ends up marrying Chika.

Kaguya realizes that in four days it is going to be Miyuki's Birthday. Kaguya can't forget about what happened in the past about her saying that she would never celebrate Miyuki's Birthday. Chika comes up to Kaguya and asks if something is bothering her, Kaguya responds with yes. Chika tells Kaguya that she is going to see her fate and future in a Fortune-Telling app. She listens to Chika explaining what she's supposed to do in the app. Kaguya hears that your supposed to enter your birthday which makes Kaguya want to do it. After Chika and Kaguya have done the Fortune-Telling, Kaguya asks Miyuki if he wants to participate. He declines the offer and says he's not interested in that kind of stuff. Miyuki recalls the time when Kaguya said she will never celebrate Miyuki's Birthday, which made Miyuki kinda sad. Kaguya asks again, Miyuki says no but even madder than before. Kaguya gets angry and turns around. Kaguya then realizes that Miyuki probably doesn't want to say his date of birth because he just wants Kaguya to celebrate it. Kaguya has decided to throw a party for Miyuki,she walks away from the Student Council Room gleefully.



  • Yu's train form resembles Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Miyuki's birth year is listed as 2002, establishing the series as taking place in 2019.
  • Miyuki and Chika have 9 children together in the game, the same amount predicted by the personality test in Episode 06.


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