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Episode 12 is the twelfth and final episode of Season 1 of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


Kaguya goes to see the fireworks and the summer vacation ends.


Kaguya prepares herself for the summer festival. There, shel meet up with Miyuki, Chika, and Yu at. However, one of her guardians forbids her, because of her recent behavior. Because she’s unable to go to the festival, Kaguya posts her resentment on Twitter and Miyuki see this and heads to her by his bike. Meanwhile, Ai tries to console the resentful Kaguya and helps her escape her “confine”. As Kaguya takes a taxi to the site of the summer festival, Miyuki arrives at her house and see Ai as a stand-in for Kaguya. Understanding the situation, Miyuki heads off to the festival while, Yu separates from Chika to find Kaguya. Because of the traffic, Kagua’s Taxi Driver informs her that she’ll miss the fireworks. So Kaguya desides to go the rest of the way on foot. Still, however, she misses the fireworks. While sobbing over the fact, Miyuki finds her and reunites her with Chika and Yu. The quartet then take a taxi to Chiba where fireworks would be displayed because it was originally delayed by rain showers. They manage to make it there and watch the fireworks display from the taxi.

On the day of the new school term, the Student Council body resume their duties. Kaguya, however, refuses to even acknowledge Miyuki’s presence. He figures that it’s because he was unable to show her the fireworks from up close she refuses to acknowledge him. That it’s because she feels self-conscious around him. The two try and initiate a conversation with each other, but fail. So they start cleaning around the Student Council room and try again to initiate a conversation but again fail to do so. Because of their missed chances to talk with one another, both Yu and Chika are expelled from the room. With them out of the picture, the two finally talk with one another, after they bump into each other. The conversation though is cut short due to Miyuki misinterpreting what Kaguya tried to convey to him. This causes Miyuki to leave the room in a flustered manner. The results of that match is Kauya wins with flying colors and she chases after Miyuki.



  • The ending references the events of chapters 30 and 87, where the principal is shown playing Pokémon Go on his phone. The entire school chasing after Kaguya and Miyuki also reference Chapter 61.


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