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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Wikia

Episode 11 is the eleventh episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


Chika Fujiwara is having a great summer vacation so far, in contrast to Kaguya and Miyuki.


Half a month has past since summer vacation has started and Miyuki is forlorn in his home. Kaguya finds this out from Ai when she reads his twitter account. While Kaguya looks up the definition of Twitter, Ai tries to enjoy her bath, but is interrupted by Kaguya who tells her the internet is broken. The truth to the matter, however, is Kaguya is having trouble creating a Twitter account. It’s also revealed that she’s technologically illiterate. So with Ai’s help, Kaguya creates a Twitter account and follows her fellow Student Council members. Ai also elucidates to Kaguya about protected accounts on Twitter. When all is thought to be settled with Kaguya, Ai is summoned once again to aid Kaguya with her Twitter problems. The results to that day’s match is none.

Chika along with her sisters arrive back in Japan from their around the world trip. Meanwhile, a man known as Saburo Odajima introduces himself in his internal monologue. He visits a local ramen shop and orders the most inconspicuous ramen on the menu. In reality what he orders is the shop’s optimum combination. Soon and soon, Chika arrives in the shop and orders the very same thing, astonishing Saburo. Feeling that Chika could be cut from the same cloth as he, this is disproven by the type of noodles she wants. Served his bowl of noodles, Saburo scrutinizes the appearance and taste of the ramen. Looking over at Chika, he’s once again astonished how Chika eats her ramen, in a way called “Mini Ramen”. This makes Saburo have an epiphany that Chika intentionally ordered her bowl, knowing full well how to utilize its full taste potential. Believing that Chika could be on par with the four Ramen Emperors, this is proven to Saburo who watches how she finishes her bowl off. Inspired by Chika’s effervescent youth, Saburo congratulates her with a thumbs up, perplexing her. The result of that match is Chika wins.

Miyuki laments of how dull his summer vacation has been thus far. In that time, he hasn’t been in contact whatsoever with Kaguya. On the other side, Kaguya is also facing same predicament. Although both sides want to contact one another, they’re reluctant to do so, because of their pride. Both of them frustrated with their predicaments they both go outside. Miyuki tells his sister Kei that he’s going grocery shopping for dinner, while Kaguya visits the School Council room. As Kaguya notes her desire to see Miyuki, he on the other hand, rushes into the room, but she’s nowhere in sight. Before Miyuki arrived, Kaguya left. The two, however, agree that they wish summer vacation didn’t last that long.



  • While bringing her chair to the bath tub , Hayasaka can be heard humming Love Dramatic.


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