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Episode 10 is the tenth episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


Kaguya and Miyuki are trying to fix their relationship after what happened in the last episode.


Miyuki and Kaguya have a face-off against who will eat the last slice of strawberry shortcake. This was mainly caused not by Yu, but an altercation that occurred in the episode prior. The two both discontent and irritated by each other because of the event, projected an inevitable blowout between the two. Due to Principal Adolphe only giving the Student Council 2 slices cakes of cake, one of which was eaten by Yu. This leads to the present problem where Miyuki and Kaguya try to enforce the other to eat the last slice of cake. Because of the obstinance of the two over the cake, Yu heads out to find Chika to help mediate between the two. In Yu’s absence, the two continue circuitously argue on who should eat the cake, until Chika arrives and eats the cake herself. The result of the match is that Kaguya and Miyuki lose.

Kaguya seeks advice on the opposite sex from Nagisa, specifically one you had a fight with. Elsewhere, Miyuki inquires Yu about the same sort of advice. Personally, Yu doesn’t have any romantic experience, but he’s ready plenty of romcom manga. After elucidating their stories to both Yu and Nagisa. They respectively inform Miyuki and Kaguya that none are really at fault and should feel guilty over the matter. Afterward, the two cross paths in the school hallway and in their own personal way, bury the hatchet with one another. The result of the match is that they both win.

Summer vacation is happening the following day and the Student Council celebrates the fact. When Chika mentions going on summer vacation with everyone, Miyuki tries to elude it by having Chika invite him to a trip with her. His plan, however, fails due to her already having plans to go to Hawaii for a week. So, Miyuki tries to coax Chika into attending an event closer to home, but Chika remains obstinate. Yu then chimes in saying that he was interested in hanging out over the summer with Miyuki and he agrees. He then claims that he’ll attend the Summer Festival with him and Chika exclaims she’ll go too as will Kaguya. This changes for Chika as the date it’s happening on, she’ll be in Spain. Expecting everyone to not attend it because she’s not, Yu argues they should as it’s selfish of her to think that way. Chika then has a tantrum, chastises Yu, and then runs out of the Student Council room. Despondent over what he did, Yu tries to leave for the day but is stopped and thanked by Kaguya and Miyuki. The result of that day’s match was Everyone won, except Chika.




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