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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Wikia

Episode 8 is the eighth episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


Kaguya tries her best to help the younger students and in the First Term Finals.


Miyuki’s little sister Kei visits the Student Council room. Kaguya cordially welcomes her in and informs Kei that her brother is currently in a meeting involving the club leaders about the club budgets. Kei worries for her brother’s well being, but Kaguya reassures her that he’ll be fine. She also plans to make Kei call her, “Big Sister”. The reason for Kei’s visit is because she needs help reviewing paperwork related to her personal Student Council. So in order to gain favor with her, Kaguya volunteers to help her with them. Yu, however, intervenes and gives her good critique on the paperwork instead. Unperturbed by this Kaguya still plans to gain favor with Kei. It’s then Chika arrives and she and Kei do a special friendship pose together. The two know one another as Kei is friends with Chika’s sister Moeha. Unhinged by this revelation, Kaguya still tries to dissuade herself from thinking that this will hinder her plans. That is until Kei calls Chika “big sis”, that Kaguya becomes dejected. Furthermore, the two plan on going on a shopping trip together, making Kaguya vengeful towards Chika, but rebounds when she’s invited too. Afterschool, Kei informs her brother Miyuki about her day at the Student Council room and admits she felt uneasy around Kaguya. The result of the match is that Kei loses.

School finals are coming soon and Miyuki, Kaguya, Chika, and Yu have different perspectives and actions towards them. Miyuki and Kaguya however, have a battle of the bluffs and deception on studying for the upcoming exams. In the end, Miyuki maintains his position as the top student in the school and wins the match.

It’s revealed though that Yu was in trouble of being held back a year because of his grades. So a week before the exam, Kaguya forces Yu to study with her. This was in order for the Student Council to not lose face. Although Yu makes several attempts to escape they all end in failure. On the 5th day, the two have a heart to heart in the library and Yu develops a better opinion on Kaguya. That is until she snaps at him that he barely managed to pass the exam(His score was 42%, which is below average of 60%+). The result of the match is that Miyuki loses.




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