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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Wikia

Episode 07 is the seventh episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


A couple of student council members listens to over the top claims from their other members talking in the student council room.


Once again Miyuki is asked by a frantic Tsubasa for relationship advice. Although reluctant because of his self-esteem and inadequate knowledge with relationships, Miyuki accepts. Like last time, Kaguya eavesdrops on the conversation. The reason for Tsubasa’s visit is he wishes to hold Nagisa’s hand. Relieved by this, as Miyuki believes holding hands is one of the easiest things to accomplish when it comes to relationships. The advice he gives to Tsubasa involves renting, however, the student doesn’t have that kind of money to do so. Therefore, Miyuki then suggests he get a part-time job, furthermore, he suggests renting a small cheap boat since it’d be cost-effective. Although ascertaining a small boat license would be difficult due to its price, Miyuki reinforces the notion of getting a job. The topic then changes to a problem revolving around Tsubasa’s sweaty hands. Miyuki diagnoses this as Palmar Hyperhidrosis and the cure for it is a surgery, that’s also quite expensive. Again, Miyuki circuitously enforces the need for a job and he suggests that he does one over the summer. But that’s not all, he too will help Tsubasa in his goal. Concerned that Miyuki’s summer vacation will be eaten up due to this working endeavor, love detective Chika comes to the rescue. The advice she gives is candid, just to go for her hand and grab it regardless of the consequences. A few days later, they do hold hands while on a date. The result of the match is Miyuki loses.

Miyuki and Yu both talk about the school club activities. Yu goes on a morose tirade about club activities and the caste system in the school system. Diverting Yu from his pensive attitude, Miyuki backtracks him to the budget cuts needed to make to the school clubs. The proposed cuts by Yu are downright tyrannical as they heavily accentuate on clubs who mainly have girlfriends. So Miyuki proposes Yu join a club as well, he goes as far as to enlighten him of what his fellow Student Council body members belong too as well. Learning what club Kaguya belongs to he gives a pejorative remark about it and is punished by Chika and berated by Kaguya. Emotionally broken, Yu leaves for the day. With Yu out of the picture, Chika proposes a budget increase for her club. Miyuki denies it, but Chika tries to then coerce him to join her club. This leads to a minor altercation between Kaguya and Chika trying to dissuade and persuade respectively to join Chia’s club. The winner of the match was Miyuki, as he was wanted.

Chika tells Kaguya a funny story about her dog Pes. While Kaguya finds it amusing, Chika notes that she’s changed since she was in middle school and since being in the student council. The subject then changes to Chika’s dog Pes again, mainly about his wiener. Doing several spit-takes because of the subject, Chika is ignorant as to why. Losing her composure as to hearing the word Weiner as it’s a dirty joke word to her, Kaguya tries in earnest to keep a straight face. However, she fails miserably after Chika learns that Kaguya can’t keep a straight face once she hears the word weiner. Soon, Miyuki arrives and while Chika promises to not say the “trigger word”, however, not through her mouth. Chika then tries to get Miyuki to say the word by asking him things associated with the word, but Kaguya stops her in every attempt. This makes Chika snap at Kaguya for ruining her fun and says the word herself. Astounded by the entire situation, Miyuki flees in terror thinking the two are nymphomaniacs. The winner of that match was Chika.




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