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Episode 6 is the sixth episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


Introducing Yu Ishigami and his elusiveness to be in the Student Council room.


A brief introduction of the Student Council Treasurer, Yu is given and he announces to Miyuki, that he wishes to resign from his position. Contemplating on Yu’s resignation, Miyuki beseeches the treasurer to reconsider. Even so, Yu remains obstinate as the reason for his resignation is he believes he’s going to be murdered. By whom? He believes that it’ll be none other than Kaguya. Once Yu was “threatened” him for once unintentionally ruining a plot of hers. Another time when he tried to tell the president that Kaguya doesn’t have feelings for him resulted in an apprehensive manner. Furthermore, Yu believes that Chika is in far greater danger than he. This is because of the nasty stares he’s seen Kaguya gives and deduces that as she has no more than 2 months to live. Immediately Kaguya arrives in the Student Council Room covered in blood and wielding a knife. She demands to talk with Yu as they both act in an apprehensive manner. Although she was merely playing a prank on the two as she was merely helping the drama club, they remain unconvinced. Just then, Chika enters the room a bloody mess with a knife in her chest, horrifying the two. This too was a prank. Although Yu still thinks that this is just another trap set up by Kaguya; Miyuki reassures Yu and tells him to have faith in his comrades. Kaguya then speaks with Yu and thanks him for keeping her secret but threatens him not to resign. The outcome of the match is that Yu loses as he’s afraid of Kaguya.

Chika does a personality test of Miyuki with a book she procured from the library, to which, has Kaguya interested as well. The first question reveals that Miyuki wants 9 kids. For the following question, Chika ropes Yu and Kaguya in as well. It’s also noted Kaguya knew that Chika would do something like this and has prepared herself for this kind of event. As the next question, to which Kaguya suspects is related to indicate who you’re in love with. Yu answers Kaguya whereas she interprets this as him having feelings for her, but she doesn’t reciprocate them. Miyuki’s answer to the question is his sister, which after the purpose of the question is revealed it’s claimed that he’s a sis-con. Disconcerted by the results of the question, Yu leaves for the day and plans to stop by a hospital before he goes home. Tired of the questions from the book, Chika does a brazen move outside of Kaguya’s calculations and gets one from the internet. The final question involves how much you love an individual by how much flowers you’d give your beloved. Kaguya answers a bouquet while Miyuki impetuously answers a truckload. The result of that day's match is Miyuki's loss.

After seeing her friends off, Ai visits Kaguya in the Student Council Room. Kaguya chastises Ai’s for coming to the council room although the other members are gone and for her impertinent appearance. She, however, argues that it's a show of power because they're both high society people. Convinced by the argument and in hopes to impress the president, Kaguya has her nails done by Ai. The following day, Kaguya ponders if Miyuki will notice or even admire her nails. So once they're both in the Student Council room, she tries in earnest to grab his attention on her nails to have him notice them. Miyuki though acts ignorant, frustrating Kaguya, however, he did notice her nails and is internally shocked by her being "fashionable". As Miyuki fears if he'd say anything about Kaguya's it'd be considered sexual harassment. Yu notices that Chika has used a new conditioner in her hair noting the smell of it is like a baby. The comment creeps Chika out and tells Yu that whom mortified leaves for the day so he could "die". Disconcerted by how Yu was rejected so bluntly, Miyuki contemplates how he should proceed, realizes he's rather bashful. After school as Kaguya in a moody manner tries to walk out of the schoolyard, she's stopped by Miyuki. Flustered he tries to compliment her nails... but fails. The result of that day's match is that Kaguya wins.




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