Episode 5 is the fifth episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


Chika Fujiwara appears to aid the people in need of help.


Nagisa visits Kaguya for romance advice and she agrees to give it. The topic, however, perturbs her, as Nagisa hopes to break up with her boyfriend Tsubasa. Internally, Kaguya is conflicted on giving Nagisa any advice as she has no prior experience, but she still motivates herself to do so after Miyuki did it before. Nagisa explains that she became Tsubasa’s boyfriend because he confronted her, but since then they’ve keep their distance between them. To better grasp their relationship, Kaguya asks Nagisa the positive qualities of Tsubasa. She then gives her some examples of such qualities reminding her of Miyuki. Retracting on her thoughts and flustering comment that followed. Kaguya continues stating that focusing on the positive traits of your boyfriend help develop love for the person. Which was something she heard from an acquaintance totally not from her own experience. Bursting into the scene, love detective Chika joins the conversation. She then asks that Nagisa imagine Tsubasa with another woman, Kaguya does the same. Both of the girls reactions are gloomy and irritable respectively. Chika then proclaims that the deeper the emotional jealousy behind the thought, the greater the love for that person. Realizing her affection for Tsubasa, Kaguya to not be left out gives some advice called the “Romeo and Juliet effect”. This is when a person, place, or thing acts as an impediment to the two lovers. Having no such thing in her relationship with Tsubasa, Chika says society is their enemy. Chika corroborates the notion giving an axiom on the current state of society and empowered by this, Nagisa runs off to face against it with Tsubasa. Although disconcerted about the consequences of their actions, Chika reassures Kaguya all will be fine. This is proven true as Tsubasa and Nagisa accompanied by 3 kids collect donations in the city center. Miyuki also is shown helping them out with their endeavor. The match results is that, Kaguya loses.

Alone in the gymnasium, Miyuki practices a volley ball spike and fails miserably. The narrator then reveals while Miyuki excels academically, he lacks coordination. Soon Chika approaches him astonishing Miyuki. As to why she’s there it’s because she left something behind in there. Scorned that his dirty secret may have been found out by Chika, he believes her opinion will have no harm on his reputation. Learning that Miyuki is there practicing volleyball Chika offers to help him and convinces him after an “Impressive” serve. Once that’s settled, Chika has Miyuki show off his serve and he tries several times failing each time. Witnessing such a perplexing and dejecting performance, Chika deduces that Miyuki serves with his eyes closed. The two then perform a 4 day long rigorous training routine where Miyuki practicing his serves and finally accomplishes it. Having finally accomplished that goal, his next goal on learning how to toss and receive is settled. A week later, Miyuki plays volleyball with exemplary skill, making Chika proud. The match ends with both Miyuki and Chika as the victors.

It’s raining outside and the Student Council body are finished with their tasks for the day. Because of circumstances, Kaguya decides to walk home. After school, the two bluff with one another that they don’t have an umbrella on their person when in reality they do. Not wanting to have their own lie exposed, this turns into a match to expose the other person’s lie. In the back and forth between the two trying to expose one another in their lie. It’s revealed that Kaguya sabotaged her car ride to set up a carefully planned elaborate plot to gain the upper hand on Miyuki. And as Kaguya goes for the kill against Miyuki, Chika arrives and hands her an umbrella because she forgot hers. Mortified that her “infallible” has failed, Kaguya offers the umbrella to Miyuki. Initially he refuses, but the two compromise and hold the umbrella together. The outcome of the match is a tie.




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