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Episode 4 is the fourth episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


The student council prepares to host a party for their sister school in France.


Because visitors from France are going to be arriving at the academy, it’s decided that a cosplay party will be held. For the occasion, Kaguya wears a pair of cat ears and Miyuki is notably exhilarated by this. To hide his infatuation with Kaguya’s appearance, Miyuki tries to look “Normal”, however, the look is so intense that it scares [Chika Fujiwara|Chika]]. To change things up, Kaguya puts a pair of cat ears on Miyuki and the results make her infatuated with him. Trying to hide her grin, Kaguya bites her tongue, but she still gives off a small grin, perplexing Miyuki. Kaguya claimed that, Miyuki looked, “very good” with the cat ears. Although, Miyuki believes that she was being sarcastic due to the look she gave when she said it. A photo of Miyuki wearing the cat ears for posterity is proposed by Kaguya, but Miyuki believes it’ll be used for extortion purposes down the line. Even though Miyuki declines, Chika insists and drags Kaguya into the photo shoot too. Because of the altercation that occurs because of the suggestions, Chika confiscates the cat ears. The results of the match is that Chika loses.

With the welcome party on that coming Monday, Chika notes that they still need souvenir sweets for the event. Figuring that it will be a two person job to do, Miyuki internally hopes to do it with Kaguya. Who the people who will accomplish the task would be decided by a game of “Banned Word”. Once the game starts, Chika talks in free style rap, while for the start of the Kaguya remains tacit. Because Miyuki argues that it’s unfair that Kaguya remain silent for the entire game, she agrees to speak. Trying to gain the upper hand on Kaguya, Miyuki then inquires what Chika “hates”. Forlorn, Chika admits that she’s been told that she can’t read situations well, which has caused her trouble in the past. Showing sympathy for the forlorn Chika, Kaguya unknowingly says her banned word. Not wanting to lose his conviction, Miyuki proclaims that he’s going to get “serious”. This, however, causes him to lose too as that was his banned word. Chika the designated winner of the game, Kaguya and Miyuki are decided to be the ones to get the souvenir sweets. The results of the match is Kaguya lost.

Kaguya and her personal valet Ai, talk discuss matters involving Miyuki contacting her. The discussion quickly escalates to how Kaguya loves Miyuki, but the later denies that notion, claiming she’s only interested in him. Ai soon proposes instead of texting Miyuki she should call him. So, Ai contacts Miyuki and gives the phone to Kaguya. The person who answers it wasn’t Miyuki, but his Papa who acts in a callus manner toward her. Finally after clarifying to whom she liked to speak with, Miyuki answers the phone… while in the bathtub. Miyuki schedules there meeting together for 11:00 am at Hachiko the following day and later go some place else. Thinking the conversation is over, Kaguya hangs up, but just as Miyuki was going to say something. Flustered by her mistake, Miyuki texts what he was going to say to her. The result of the match is Kaguya wins. However, the following day, it’s pouring rain so badly that Kaguya is forbidden by Ai to leave the house. So, Kaguya sends a text to Miyuki canceling their plans for that day, which takes her 30 minutes to write. On the other hand, Miyuki was waiting at the rendezvous and considers it a victory for him.

The day of the welcoming party has arrived and it’s a success. The Student Council Body is congratulated by the Principal, Adolphe Pescarolo. During the party, Miyuki asks Kaguya if she speaks French, to which, she claims not that well. Kaguya then asks Miyuki if he speaks French and claims he does after reading a book on the language. A female French student approaches the two and while Miyuki is having trouble understanding her. Kaguya chimes in and speaks to her in French fluently, astounding Miyuki by this revelation. He’s further shocked by the fact that Chika can too as her mother was once a French diplomat. Realizing that he’s the only person there who doesn’t speak French. It’s then revealed that the Principal intentionally chose Miyuki for this reason in order to gauge his caliber. The principal then sends, a woman named Betsy to personally gauge him even if he’s made into mince meat. Betsy then confronts and makes invective tirade in French towards him, but Miyuki who doesn’t understand her simply agrees and smiles. So Betsy tries even harder against him, but is then accosted by Kaguya whom gives her a taste of her own medicine. This terrifies Besty who then flees in terror and is traumatized by the event. After the party is over, Miyuki thanks Kaguya for coming to his aid.



  • The cover of the book Miyuki uses to protect from the rain shows the birds from the movie とっとり鳥の助 whose tickets Chika offered to Kaguya and Miyuki in episode 01.


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