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Episode 3 is the third episode of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai anime series.


Have a deeper understanding of Kaguya Shinomiya's mind and life.


A magazine confiscated by the headmaster intrigues Kaguya and after Chika reads a bit of it, she notes the lewdness of its content. A survey in the magazine reveals that approx. 34% of high school students have already "done it" in their life. This revelation has Chika in a tizzy and Miyuki curious to read the magazine himself. Upon Kaguya's inspection of the magazine, she reveals that the % is low compared to what she believes is correct. Furthermore, Kaguya floors Chika and Miyuki, when she openly admits that she's not a virgin. Seeking to exploit this newfound information, Kaguya tries to make Miyuki confess his love to her. She then instigates Miyuki by asking him if he has a girlfriend, to which, Miyuki answers not that time. This prompts, Kaguya to press him if he’s at least, “done it”. Bluffing that he has, this leaves Kaguya to believe that Miyuki has done it with his little sister often. As Miyuki is outraged by the comment, Kaguya claims that she’s done it to her newborn nephew and it was even videotaped. Mentally corned by Kaguya’s asinine logic, Miyuki asks her does she know what “first time” means. Whereas she answers that it’s “kissing”. It’s revealed that due to her upbringing her knowledge of sexual education is severely inadequate. Therefore, Chika educates Kaguya on the matters resulting in her loss.

It’s evening time at the Student Council office and both Miyuki and Kaguya are working there. Two starts talking about how Kaguya has changed since the school year began and how Miyuki has a better understanding of her now. To test Miyuki’s knowledge about her, Kaguya challenges him to a game of 20 questions. He accepts the challenge and as the game progresses Miyuki deduces the answer maybe him, which is corroborated by the sequential answers to his questions. However, Miyuki knows her better and answers that it’s a dog, which is correct. With that, the two leave for the day and that day’s test was passed.

Normally, Kaguya would be driven to school by her chauffeur, however, due to a cat getting caught in the engine, she decides to walk to school. Although her chauffeur tries to dissuade her, Ai, Kaguya’s personal valet vouches for her to walk to school alone. Recalling that Miyuki rides his bike to school, Kaguya plans on running into him the once he crosses the bridge. Her plan changes when she runs into a little girl named Mikiti. Scared to walk across the street alone, Kaguya walks cross the street with Mikiti and is roped into walking her to school. The two are acquainted with one another as they head to Mikiti’s school until they run into her friend named Ienaga. At that moment, Miyuki appears before Kaguya and chastises her for walking to school which would make her late. This would also set a bad example for the Student Council. So riding on the back of Miyuki’s bike, the two head to school. Days later, Kaguya once again is driven to school and on the way, sees Mikiti and Ienaga walk to school together.



  • An actual Yeti makes a brief appearance in the third skit of the episode.


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