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Episode 2 is the second episode of the Kaguya-sama: Love is War anime series.


Miyuki and Kaguya find ways to appeal to each other in addition of a clueless Fujiwara.


Although a cheapskate, Miyuki finally breaks down and purchases a smartphone for himself. He exchanges IDs with Chika and hopes that Kaguya will follow suit, but she abstains. Perturbed by this, Miyuki cannot ask to exchange numbers with Kaguya as he would lose face doing so. Thereby reinforcing the rumors of romantic relationships between the two. Kaguya, on the other hand, is fully aware of Miyuki's motive. This incites a battle between the two on who asks who first for their respective number. With neither side wanting to concede to the other, Miyuki ups the ante by updating his profile picture with a picture of when he was a kid. Chika compliments how cute he looked, intriguing Kaguya's interest. Noting how embarrassing the picture is, Miyuki proclaims he'll change it in 3 minutes. In retaliation, Kaguya uses fake tears to manipulate Miyuki into showing the picture and it works. The outcome of the battle though is a draw as Chika mentions that Kaguya's phone is antiquated.

The cold weather has Chika wishing it were summer prompts a reminder from Miyuki that spring is around the corner. Chika retorts that time flies too fast and that kind of careless thinking would mean that they'd accomplish nothing in the space in-between. The retort hurts Miyuki and Kaguya deeply and Chika then has an epiphany to go on a student council trip in the summer. Kaguya likes the idea and suggests an informal social gathering. Miyuki also favors the idea of feeling partial to the mountain area. Contrary to Miyuki's idea, Kaguya blatantly suggests they go to the sea. This incites a battle between choosing whether to go to the mountains or the sea over the summer. The two debate on the pros and cons of their choices and when it appears that Kaguya has won, Chika admits she needs a new swimsuit. She confesses that her old one doesn't fit her anymore due to her bigger bust size, hearing this mortifies Kaguya whose chest is "flat". To settle their follies and get the comeuppance on the other, the two let Chika choose the final destination. Chika ultimately decides on the mountains, but the mountain she chooses is macabre. The outcome of the battle ruined.

A student named Tsubasa asks Miyuki for some romance advice. A proud Miyuki agrees to give Tsubasa advice, however, contrary to the rumors that he's a romance veteran, in reality he has 0%. Although terrified that if his secret were to come out that he's a virgin, Miyuki remains undeterred in going back on his offer. Kaguya also takes the chance to hear what Miyuki's thoughts on love. Tsubasa explains that he's in love with Nagisa and wants to confess his love to her. However, he fears rejection and wonders if they should just start out as friends. Learning that Tsubasa received chocolate from the girl, Miyuki conjects that Nagisa is in love with him. This is refuted as Tsubasa reveals there was a scene involving him, Nagisa, and her friends about how he's single. Seeing this whole situation in an antithetical fashion, Miyuki argues that Nagisa and her friends were all interested in him. They just didn't blatantly tell him that they were. Fearful that this could cause a rift between the friendship of the girls, Tsubasa is advised by Miyuki to simply confront Nagisa and ask her out. Elated by this advice, Tsubasa praises Miyuki as the only person able to "conquer" Kaguya. Immediately, Miyuki rejects the fact that he and Kaguya are in a relationship. Perplexed by this admission, as Tsubasa thought contrary. Miyuki then goes on a tangent of flaws and things that annoy him about Kaguya, who hears all of this and becomes aggravated by it all. But then out of nowhere, Miyuki claims all of the things the flaws and the annoying things about her are what he likes about her the most. This, however, was a blatant lie as he finally notices that Kaguya was eavesdropping on the conversation. Ultimately, Miyuki advises Tsubasa to be candid with his feelings, to which, he does and gains a girlfriend in the process. The outcome of the battle is a loss for Miyuki and Kaguya is strangely nicer toward him since he gave Tsubasa the love advice.




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