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Episode 01 is the first episode of the Kaguya-sama: Love is War anime.


Introduction to Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane antics with Chika Fujiwara at the side.


The narrator gives an explanation of the prestigious Shuchi'in Academy. How it's a school of high class and pedigree, allowing only the best of the best to attend it. The topic then changes, to introduce the two most important Student Council members, Vice President Kaguya and President Miyuki. As the two Student Council members head to the Student Council room, they're admired by the students Karen and Erika. Inside the council room, the President and Vice President discuss matters about a rumoring that circling about the two of them being in a relationship. Although Miyuki speaks contrary about the rumor in circulation about them, in truth he would start a relationship with Kaguya if she begged him. To his belief that it's only a matter of time until she asks to be her boyfriend. From Kaguya's perspective, she has no interest in starting a relationship with a "commoner". However, if perchance Miyuki prostrated himself in front of her and begged to be her boyfriend, only then would she accept.

Half a year passes by and neither of the two has conceded to the other's "affection". Because of the lengthy period of no change between the two in the half-year that has past since the rumor. Their respective thoughts shift from not minding to date the other to they'll make the other confess to them. While this was going on between the two, their secretary Chika offers them two tickets to a romance movie that she won. Because of a rare opening, he had that weekend Miyuki was going to accept the offer and ask Kaguya to join him. This changes the moment Chika states a superstition of when two people see a romance movie, they become a couple. Shocked by the statement, Miyuki is then inquired by Kaguya if he was about to invite her to the movies with him. This would heavily insinuate that Miyuki would be asking her out on a date. Realizing the folly of his prior statement, Miyuki downplays the rumor. He then argues that Kagura clearly believes in it and invites her to watch the movie together. Kaguya cogitates how clever Miyuki was turning the tables on her as he did. It's revealed that Chika winning free tickets to the movies was a scheme plotted by her to entrap Miyuki. To combat her predicament, Kagura implements her "Miss Innocent" skill by requesting she be invited with more passion by Miyuki. This causes Miyuki's thoughts to be thrown in disarray. Reinforcing the statement, Kaguya grabs Miyuki's hand and claims that she's at that age where she'd like to try some romance. With the two sides trying to gain the comeuppance on the other, Chika offers a different set of movie tickets for them. The offer causes an internal meltdown between the two and thus they both required sugar to recharge. But because there was only one steamed bun in the office it was declared by the narrator, whoever manages to get the bun first, wins. Perhaps unintentionally, however, Chika takes the bun and heads off to her afternoon classes. The result of the battle between the two was a draw.

Kaguya receives a love letter in her shoebox and reveals this to Chika and Miyuki in the Student Council room. While Chika believes the sender wants to take Kaguya out on a date, Miyuki chastises the notion of men seeking love and dates. When Chika inquires she Kaguya will accept the invitation, she answers yes, perturbing Miyuki. Following the urge that he should dissuade Kaguya from accepting the invitation, Miyuki then realizes that the results would be catastrophic. Miyuki would be acting as if he was confessing his feelings that he has for her. On the other hand, from Kaguya's perspective, her plan to accept the invitation was a bluff. Her astronomical prerequisites to have her accept going on a date. Thus a battle of the brains between the two commences. Starting things off, Miyuki uses his power as the Student Council President to not allow such illicit acts to take place and threatens to tattle on her. Caught off this, Kaguya rebounds by stating she'll still accept the offer even if it means her being expelled. Furthermore, she states that she's willing to pour her body and soul into this date, leaving Miyuki aghast. So Miyuki offers to confess his own love... for the sake of argument. This leads to a back and forth between the two questioning the authenticity of Kaguya's love for her admirer. Toward the end, becomes Chika flustered and emotional. Chika then embraces Kaguya all while confessing her own feelings and not wanting her to be expelled. The end result to the battle is Kaguya lost.

Miyuki and Kaguya both witness a couple sitting on a bench having a moment with one another. This scene disconcerts Kaguya, as she calls it improper back in the Student Council room. Even so, Miyuki thinks nothing of it and pulls out his lunch. Although not only infatuated with the contents of Miyuki's lunch and wanting to try it herself, her pride would not allow it. At that moment, Chika compliments Miyuki's lunch and asks if she can try some, to which, he allows. Chika praises the delicious taste of Miyuki's lunch, gaining a scornful look from Kaguya which is noticed by Miyuki. He interprets the look as her disparaging his lunch. So, he then pours himself some miso soup for himself and allows Chika to try it with some of his rice. As Chika relishes the taste of the miso and rice, all while, Kaguya recalls all of the special times she had with her former "friend". In an act of "revenge", Kaguya brings her own luxurious lunch the following day. This was a ploy to have Kaguya trade lunches with Miyuki as a way to act magnanimously toward him. Her plan completely fails, as Miyuki becomes anxious about the aura exuding from Kaguya and finishes his lunch quickly and dashes off. Kaguya now mortified and defeated is consoled by Chika who gives her something from her lunch. This act of kindness buries the one-sided hatchet between Kaguya and Chika. The result of the battle was won by Kaguya as Miyuki "surrendered" by fleeing.




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