Ai Hayasaka

Hayasaka Avatar


Kanji 早坂 愛
Rōmaji Hayasaka Ai
Nickname(s) Haysaca-chan
Gender Female
Birthday April 2 (public)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Grade Junior (2-A)
Occupation Employee (Shinomiya's Group)

Personal Valet (Kaguya Shinomiya)

Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Nao Hayasaka (Mother)

Unnamed Father

Japanese Yumiri Hanamori
Media Debut
Anime Episode 01
Manga Chapter 03
If you don't put on an act, you won't be loved.

—Chapter 107 (page 6)

Ai Hayasaka (早坂 愛(はやさか あい), Hayasaka Ai) is a supporting character in the series. She is a second year student in Shuchi'in highschool and an employee of the Shinomiya family. Hayasaka is Kaguya's personal valet.

Appearance Edit

Ai is a beautiful young girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and most usually has her hair tied up at the left side of her head. She lets her hair down with a small braid tied on the right side when she's disguising as Haysaca A. Smithee. Her expressions are flexible depending on the need and can express any emotion ranging from a cold stare to a look of pure love.

Personality Edit

  • Ai Hayasaka (maid version)
  • Ai Hayasaka (school camouflage)
  • Haysaca-chan
  • Haysaca-kun

Ai is a young girl that can adopt multiple personalities to suit the situation, most notably her gal mode and Firis high school mode. Not many people know about her true personality and it is apparently similar to Kaguya's personality. Despite being a part of the Shinomiya house, she is more loyal to Kaguya and acts more in the interest of Kaguya's happiness than to the Shinomiya house itself, going so far as to directly disobey orders from higher ups and disguising herself as Kaguya to let her enjoy the summer fireworks once.

History Edit

The Hayasaka family was once prominent, but lost their conflict to the Shinomiya family and, noted for their fine bloodline, were absorbed into it. Ai was born in the Shinomiya family's main house as a thoroughbred servant and was given a special education. She was born into and grew up in an isolated world like Kaguya was, but Ai is less sheltered.

Ai's father is Kaguya's godfather, and her mother was Kaguya's wet nurse. They were raised together for a short period after their births, but Kaguya was moved to the Shinomiya main house on her second birthday, and they were only reunited at the age of seven, when their status as master and servant was made official. Their master/servant relationship is only on the surface, however their true relationship more resembles that of inseparable sisters.

Trivia Edit

  • She puts a relax chair in the bath when soaking.[1]
  • She uses the alias Haysaca A. Smithee when she was hiding her identity from Miyuki.[2]
  • She is shown to have a wide array of technical knowledge, such as being able to build her own computer and being up to date with the specs of the latest smart phones.[3][4]
  • She's the second person to describe Miyuki's singing like a sea cucumber's intestines.[5]
  • She is the daughter of Shinomiya's group manager.
  • In Chapter 102 she is listed on Miyuki's phone as "Haysaca", and is shown to be texting him "Ok, Good Night."[6]
  • She is considered the snarkiest member of the main cast, but this is to her own detriment.
  • She seems to have a mother complex.[7]
  • She is the wealthiest out of the main cast with savings up to 40 million yen.
  • She is one quarter Irish.

References Edit

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