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Desire and lust are indeed necessary traits for one to have, but a student of Shuchi'in Academy must display self control.

—Adolphe Pescarolo, Vol. 2 Chapter 14 Page 2

Adolphe Pescarolo


Rōmaji Adolphe Pescarolo
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Straw
Occupation Principal
Personal Status
Status Alive
Japanese Itaru Yamamoto
Media Debut
Anime Episode 04
Manga Chapter 14

Adolphe Pescarolo is the Principal of Shuchi'in Academy


Adolphe is an old man with slightly long parted hair going down till almost around his shoulders. He has a goatee styled beard coupled with a mustache. He usually wears a coat over his long sleeved polo when outdoors and when on official business and takes the coat off revealing the vest and a necktie underneath whenever indoors.


He's strict regarding school regulations, but knows how to garner the favor of students nonetheless. He helped Yu Ishigami get enrolled to Shuchi'in despite not finishing his task of making an apology letter. Despite being an authority figure within the school, he has shown comical disregard for school rules and discipline when it comes to his own actions, having been openly caught playing Pokemon Go on more than one occasion on school grounds while chastising nearby students for doing the same.



  • He plays Pokemon Go
  • His name was revealed in Miyuki's Letter of recommendation in chapter 60 page 5


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